Automatic doors for industry sectors

Automatic Doors for Education Schools, Colleges & Universities

Automatic Doors for Education - Schools, Colleges & Universities where efficient flow & safety of large numbers of students is paramount, Reduce costs on your energy bills.


Automatic Doors for Retail. When style and first impressions count as well as reliability and functionality, record has the entrance and door solutions for any retail outlet. 


Automatic Doors for Healthcare. The healthcare environment is one where needs are wide and varied and entrance solutions must be up to the challenge.  record has solutions to meet all your requirements.

Commercial & Offices

Automatic doors for Commerical Offices. record offers a range of reliable, high quality and environmentally friendly automatic doors and entrances expected in a commercial environment 


Automatic doors for Finance. record offers reliable and dependable products with that professional edge without compromising on safety or functionality.

Public Buildings

Automatic doors for public buildings. Where employees and the public meet, the right environment, entrance solution and door access can lend a feeling of openness and safety

Transport & Aviation

Automatic Doors for transport and aviation. record deliver innovative and secure entrance solutions which are deployed in many airports and transportation hubs across the world.


Automatic Doors for Hospitality. With its curved and angled options record know how to make an entrance your guest will remember.

Record FTA20 Automatic Bi-Folding Door Four Seasons Hotel

Whether a stunning entrance is required, easy and safe access or you need to save energy and maintain a comfortable inside temperature, we have a number of solutions to impress guests in hotels and restaurants.