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Whether it's hygiene requirements, saving energy, regulating pedestrian access or the need to create a stunning entrance, we have a variety of automatic door solutions to suit the needs of any industry sector.

When considering an entrance for a business in any industry it is vital to both impress guests and customers with a visaully impressive door, and also create a secure and comfortable environment where no unauthorised persons can enter and where an ambient temerature is maintained.

From swing doors, sliding doors and folding doors to security portals, hermetic doors and speed gates, Record has a huge variety of customisable entrance solutions with both practical and architectural benefits.

Many of our doors are available with configurations to create a stunning entrance such as hidden door drives and full glass facades to ensure the greatest level of aesthetic brilliance is achieved.

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Record Flip Flow Airport

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We have a range of case studies showing how our products have been used in existing projects. Click here to read more and see how previous customers have had their designs brought to life.

We offer specification support & expert security advice on all our products

To ensure your entrances are perfectly fit to requirements, we can offer specification support so that the automatic door solution installed in your project is fit for purpose.

If you require a high-security entrance our security specialist Stephen Goodridge is on hand to give you the best advice when creating secure access, call him on 07771 870 511 or email stephen.goodridge@recorduk.co.uk.

Record RST 20 Curved and angled sliding door Sovereign at The Star

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