Automatic Doors for Healthcare


Why choose automatic doors for Healthcare?

Record's automatic door solutions meet the demands of all healthcare environments including hospitals and cleanrooms, care homes, pharmacies, clinics and dentists.

For hermetic airtight sealing and easy cleaning to prevent the transmission of bacteria, Record has a range of doors for areas where the highest level of hygiene is required.

With a variety of configurations including single and double sliding doors, swing doors, bi-folding doors, 2-wing revolving doors and telescopic doors, Record has solutions to suit all your healthcare entrance requirements to ensure safe, accessible entry for the disabled or elderly.


Record Curved Sliding door hospital entrance

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Record automatic doors typically used by Healthcare facilities

Record K1-A Hermetic Sealing Sliding Door

Hermetic and Non-Hermetic Hygienic Doors for Cleanrooms

Record offers a range of hermetic and non-hermetic hygienic doors for areas where a high level of hygiene is required.

Hermetic sealing doors prevent unwanted airflow and therefore the transmission of bacteria, perfect for hospitals and cleanrooms.

Where hermetic sealing is not required, Record's hygienic doors offer an easy to clean and stylish solution for areas prone to moisture.

These doors can offer extra protection X-rays and gamma rays.

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Record doors for Hospitals and Cleanrooms

Record provide a wide range of doors for hospitals and cleanrooms to suit various requirements from pedestrian entrances to hermetic sealing.

Our hospital doors include, sliding doors including curved, revolving doors, bi-folding doors and swing doors, which create easy access to patients, hospital equipment and where needed patients' beds.

For areas with a high hygiene requirement a range of hermetic sealing and non-hermetic hygienic doors are available to prevent the transmission of bacteria and create a clean and safe environment.

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Record CLEAN Hermetic Sealing Door Hospital

Record DFA 127 Clinic

Record Automatic Doors for Clinics, Pharmacies and Dentists

Record provides a wide range of Automatic Door solutions for both entrances and corridors for clinics, pharmacies and dentists.

Our healthcare doors include sliding/curved doors, bi-folding doors, swing doors and hygienic doors.

These entrance solutions provide unimpeded access for the elderly, disabled and patients and where needed in pharmacies a secure lock can be used to either secure the entrance or open part-way to allow parcel deliveries.

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Record Automatic Doors for Care Homes

Record has many Automatic Doors that can be provided for care home to provide easy, unimpeded access to the elderly and those who struggle with mobility.

Our care home doors include sliding doors, swing doors and 2-wing revolving doors suiting a wide range of requirements for entrances and corridors.

For areas with residents our Automatic Doors provide a low noise operation to ensure a quiet ambient environment, making life comfortable for those who live there.

To read more about Record's solutions for care homes click here.

record STA 20 Automatic Sliding Door Trinity House Care home

Upgrades & Accessories for Automatic Door Installations in Heatlhcare Buildings

Contactless upgrades for existing automatic doors

Bacteria and viruses are mainly transmitted through the hands. When the door handle turns into a germ spreader, this is a problem for companies, especially in the hygiene sector. On many everyday things like smartphones, shopping carts, light switches or door handles adhere to the unwelcome bacteria firmly. 

Click here to read more about record's contactless sensors > 

Upgrade existing automatic doors with contactless sensors.

Case studies - Automatic Doors in Healthcare

Record STA20 Sliding Door Blackburn Hospital

Royal Blackburn Hospital | Blackburn

The Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital is the largest hospital in East Lancashire with 632 in-patient beds providing a full range of services for adults and children. 

Since opening in July 2006 the new part of the hospital offers modern in-patient facilities, a centralised out-patients’ department, new operating theatres and an Emergency Department.

Click here to read more about our installation and automatic doors at Blackburn Hospital

We offer specification and architect support services with this product range...

Record provide specification and architect support services for Healthcare - Hospitals, Care Homes, Denstists and Cleanrooms and our other range of automatic door systems.  Click here to visit our dedicated specification support page and to discuss your requirements and queries with our UK Automatic Door Specification Specialist.