Record Videos

Take a Tour of our Factory

Take a look at all the steps involved in creating our doors at our factory in Hamilton

Record Product Timeline

Take a look at our product timeline video showing you the steps we will take you through when installing one of our many entrance solutions.

STA20 Pharmacy Mode Video

showing how the STA 20 automatic door can operate in Pharmacy Mode right out of the box!

Automate Doors for Ease and Security

Video showing automated solutions from record to create hassle-free access and secure offices within your buildings.

STA 20 Inputs and Outputs

Video explaining how to expand  the STA 20inputs and outputs. 

THERMCORD3 Features & Benefits

record's THERMCORD3 Smart Sealing System with thermal break profiles from top to bottom protects your building entrances in all weathers, provides savings on energy costs and minimises bacteria from entering your premises, to create a warm and welcoming entrance.

THERMCORD 3 Technical Features

Video showing the technical features of the revolutionary new THERMCORD 3 system.

record Speedgates

Video demonstrating how record Speedgates can allow controlled access to secure areas.  

record Speedgate Swing Slim

High-speed automatic Speedgate with motor-driven swing doors for indoor use enabling a fast and steady flow of people without compromising on security or aesthetics.

Contactless Solutions from record

Video showing record's contactless solutions to automate doors quickly to prevent the spread of germs and to limit the number of people in shared areas, to aid safe, social distancing.

 FlowControl - Counting system

record FlowControl is an automatic people counting system with door interaction for all retailers and public buildings to aid social distancing.  Watch this video to see how easy it is to use.

record FlowControl installed at PetPlace

See how the record FlowControl System controls the number of customers entering PetPlace's store in Abergele to enable safe social distancing.

STA20 Emergency Protocols

Video showing STA 20 Emergency Protocols which are suitable for all environments including healthcare, education, transport, offices and leisure.

record Security Revolving Doors

Video demonstrating how 3 and 4 wing record security revolving doors can allow controlled access to secure areas.

record Product Range Video

Virtual video demonstrating record uk's most popular product ranges and applications they can be found in.

record FlipFlow Exit Lane System

See how the record FlipFlow Exit Lane Breach Control System significantly improves human error and enables airports to reduce costs by re-deploying security staff.

record Bomb Blast Resistant Doors

See how the record PROTECT EXV25 Bomb Blast Resistant Sliding Doors react to a TNT bomb at 45m and 25m distance.

record R62 Security Interlock as Access Control

Video demonstrating how the record 62 enclosed interlock system prevents tailgating and piggybacking behaviours.

record BDE Control Switch for DFA127

Video demonstrating how the BDE unit when used with the DFA 127 operator allows you to select different operations for your door(s) and show any errors that appear.

record BDE Control Switch for STA20

Video demonstrating how the BDE unit when used with the STA 20 operator allows you to select different operations for your door(s) and show you any errors that appear.

record K21 Revolving Door

Video of the record K21 two wing revolving door in operation with integrated sliding doors.

record FTA 20 Folding Doors

Video showing how different record sensors can be used in conjunction with record FTA Space Saving Folding Doors

record THERMCORD Deadens Noise

record's THERMCORD linear door system deadens noise up to -31dB.

record THERMCORD Conventional Model

record THERMCORD automatic linear door system - separating different temperate zones with high temperature gradients

record THERMCORD Resistant to Windloads

record's THERMCORD linear door system is resistant to windloads and driving rain and is up to 50% superior to highest test class.

record THERMCORD Burglar Resistant

Video demonstrating record's Thermcord RC2/RC3 - heat saving and burglar resistant doors.  The RC2/RC3's door frames are designed to be extremely strong to ensure thermal separation.

Video of stunning revolving doors in London by record automatic doors

record installed stunning revolving doors in the prestigious city of London, finished with a beautiful glass design. 

Video of stunning curved doors in London by record automatic doors

Stunning curved doors at Charter House London, with a special anodised finish to match the facade