Automatic Sliding Doors from Record

Impressive entrances with unimpeded access for any sector or requirement

Sliding doors come in all shapes and sizes. Some are designed for heavy duty applications, others are frameless for aesthetic purposes or provide a hermetic or hygienic seal. Then there are doors that are designed for installation in locations where there is limited space and the drive mechanism has to be installed underground.

Curved sliding doors are available when a grand entrance is required, and finally, where needed, doors that can protect against bomb blasts can be provided. We also provide energy-saving thermally broken doors, to reduce energy costs and save you money.

All our sliding doors are perfect for offices, retail stores, supermarkets, hospitals, schools and public buildings.

record STA 20 Automatic Sliding Door Zurich Zoo

More about our Sliding doors

All of our doors have integrated safety features and can be used for almost any commercial or industrial purpose. The microprocessor in the system monitors all door movements and an auto reverse function is fitted should a door be obstructed during the closing cycle.

Other safety features include motion and presence sensors, emergency exit buttons. Even safety beams can be provided where needed.

With sophisticated safety features and settings our doors ensure unimpeded access to those who struggle with mobility or are in wheelchairs.

record STA 20 Automatic Sliding Door Trinity House Care home

record THERMCORD Thermally Separated Sliding Door

Types of Operation & Security

The modular flexible systems used in Record automatic doors allows for frequent and safe operation, the inbuilt microprocessor automatically controlling both the opening and closing speeds.

Many types of functions are available, including: Fully automatic, Partially open, Exit only, Night operation and even Permanently open.

We also offer a full range of high security, RC2/RC3 rated doors, which can all be fitted with keypads, card readers or even key chain remotes where restricted access is required.

Aesthetic variations available

For entrances that require a more aesthetic appearance we have a number of solutions including a fine frame sliding door, as well as an all-glass frameless doorway.

These entrances allow light to flood into the building and create a more premium feel and appearance for guests.

We are also able to provide framed doors in over 200 standard RAL colour finishes, with an additional option for anodised aluminium, allowing you to further enhance your company branding through your entrance, creating something memorable for your visitors.

Fine Frame STA 20 in situ at Dollar Bay Apartments

Record STA20 Sliding Door Blackburn Hospital

Tried and Tested Sliding Door System

Our sliding doors are powered by the STA 20 door drive, an incredibly dependable door solution designed to provide barrier-free accessibility while being aesthetically pleasing.

This overhead drive can be used for both internal and external doors, uses low energy and offers emergency opening in the case of power failure through a battery backup.

Not only can this entrance system be fitted on sliding doors, but it also powers our bi-fold and telescopic doors.

Record Specification Support

When it comes to choosing the right automatic door, one specification does not fit every project and it is necessary to fully ensure that the correct variant is selected.

Our automatic door specification expert is available to provide all the necessary guidance and support. All areas are covered, including compliance, design and technical specifications.

Record offer a full bespoke manufacturing service, this ensuring that the very highest quality standards are met. Our experience in door design, door installation and maintenance and service packages allows us to produce doors suited to meet your exact needs and requirements.

Record RST 20 Curved and angled sliding door Sovereign at The Star

Sliding Door Installation, Maintenance & Door Repair Services

Record has a vast experience of fitting & servicing automatic doors of all types in all types of commercial settings. Our professional installation teams will ensure that your door is installed on time and to budget.

All Record engineers are trained in-house to the highest standards and are fully qualified to the latest BS7036/EN16005 Automatic Door standards.

Call our Service Department on 0330 058 2688 to find out about how we can prolong the life of your doors, and our cost-saving Service Packages.

We have a number of useful resources to give you advice or answer your automatic door questions...