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record THERMCORD3 – Thermally Insulated Doors

The new THERMCORD3 automatic door system provides an exceptional thermal barrier from top to bottom to reduce heating and air-conditioning costs.

It is also impervious to hurricane-force winds, protects from driving rain and storms and offers extraordinary noise reduction making it ideal for all types of applications including care homes, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, offices, public buildings, restaurants and leisure facilities.



Thermally Insulated Doors
Thermally Insulated Doors Thermally Insulated Doors

Energy Saving

THERMCORD3's complete thermal separation, from panel and vertical profile system to the floor rail combined with triple glazing can efficiently reduce 
heat loss via walls and doors, whilst its unchanged series drives provide economical savings in maintenance and servicing costs.


The longitudinal profiles installed in the door leaves feature enormous rigidity with their structure-reinforcing double V-shape. This means that the movement of the door is largely unaffected by high wind loads, suction or pressure.

As a further result of this rigidity, even driving rain with an intensity far exceeding the maximum defined category is effectively repelled and protects your entrance area from weather damage.

Noise Reduction

THERMCORD3 also offers a direct airborne sound insulation value 35dB, for quietness where quietness is required.


  • Effective Thermal Barrier from top to bottom
  • Smart Sealing System prevents airflow
  • Keeps tight even with hurricane forces
  • Protection from heavy rain and storm
  • Extraordinary noise reduction upto 35 dB
  • Perfectly Integrated – no architectural comprises necessary