record FTA 20 FBO – folding door with emergency exit function

A special feature of this record automatic folding door is the optional break-out function (FBO) which allows the record FTA 20 FBO to be used as an escape exit in accordance with local conditions and regulations. As with the TOS (Total Opening System) option for our automatic sliding doors, the FTA 20 FBO enables folding doors to function as emergency exits by opening in the direction of escape as quickly as possible.

This feature is especially useful wherever there are narrow passageways but the passageway also has to serve as an escape or rescue route such as in restaurants, old people's homes, businesses and hospitals.



Automatic folding doors with break-out function
Automatic folding doors with break-out function Automatic folding doors with break-out function

In normal use, the door panels fold inwards. In emergencies, access to escape and rescue routes is provided by light pressure on the door panel. This frees the track from its mountings, allowing the door panel and track to open outwards in an emergency. record's FTA 20 FBO model is suited for use wherever there is restricted flow space but in addition, there is the need to facilitate an escape and rescue route in the case of fire or emergency. 


  • in normal use, the doors fold inwards
  • light pressure on the door panel converts the doors into an exit escape route
  • automatic folding doors can be retrofitted into the wall
  • they can be designed as one-sided or two-sided units




  • provides an escape or exit route in narrower spaces in an emergency
  • the width of  a narrower passage can be almost fully retained
  • they work particularly well when fitted in corridors
  • they can be used to section off areas.