CLEAN Hygienic doors from Record

Protection against germs and bacteria for sensitive areas

Where a high standard of hygiene is essential, our CLEAN hermetic sealing doors are the first line of defence for cleanrooms, hospitals and laboratories. By creating a seal around the door leaves air flow is completely restricted, ensuring bacteria cannot travel between rooms.

Our hermetic sealing sliding door can be provided in a single or double-leaf configuration, ensuring a solution for any size project. With hermetic sealing levels up to 100 pa either of these doors is the perfect solution for cleanliness and hygiene.

We also have a range of easy-to-clean hygienic doors available in a variety of designs including a sliding, swing and telescopic door. These provide solutions not only for hospitals and cleanrooms, but also for leisure centres and other areas prone to moisture.

Record CLEAN K1-A Hermetic Sealing Sliding Door

Multi-level protection with CLEAN doors

Bacteria and germs is not the only danger being controlled through our hermetic doors, a radiation protection core can be fitted, stopping X-ray and gamma rays. The door leaves are also fire-rated serving as a barrier should such an emergency occur.

In cases such as hospital quarantine wards where patients need to be both protected and comfortable, these CLEAN doors provide excellent noise dampening for a quieter environment.

Record CLEAN Hermetic Sliding Door clinique des grangettes

Record CLEAN Hermetic Sliding Sealing Door


Not only do these CLEAN doors provide excellent hermetic sealing, they can also be customised to fit with the surroundings and create a more friendly environment for hospital patients.

With a variety of colour and image prints to choose from these doors can be fitted anywhere from a children's ward with images to create a more welcoming area, or a laboratory with company branding.

Additional features from the Record CLEAN Hygienic Door series include:

  • Hermetic sealing levels up too 100 pa available
  • Radiation protection core for X-rays and Gamma rays
  • Noise dampening for a quieter environment
  • Fire-resistance and protection with fire-rated door leaf.
  • Handles on both sides of the door (stainless V2A)
  • Glass inserts for natural lighting
  • Door laminate in various colours and designs
  • Variety of configurations to suit space restrictions

Record CLEAN K2-A Hermetic Sealing Sliding Door Double Leaf

Record K3-A Hygienic Sliding Door Swimming Pool

Case studies for the Record CLEAN Hygienic Door range

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