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record S16 SU – Under floor drive for linear sliding door

Under floor linear sliding door drive

record's S16 SU under floor drive for linear doors gives architects more flexibility to design entrances with fewer restrictions, to use more creativity and have clean lines and more space. All record's under floor drives have been specially developed with an emphasis on safety as well as functionality and comply with the applicable standards and regulations. The underfloor drive mechanism is further protected from the ingress of water and dirt by a waterproof casing.


record S16 SU underfloor automatic sliding door drive caters for door opening sizes of up to 4000 mm in width. This also applies to the underfloor drive for radial doors (R61 SU). The maximum weight of the door leaves is up to 1 x 200 or 2 x 200 kilos. A depth of at least 200 mm is required for installation.


  • powerful and reliable underfloor drive for linear doors
  • caters for door openings up to 4000 mm in width
  • underfloor casing protection from water and dirt


  • low mainentance
  • design flexibility


  • sloping doors
  • heavier leaves 
  • larger opening widths