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Case Studies

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CBRE | St Martin's Square | London

CBRE’s is the world’s largest commercial property and real estate services adviser.  Their newly refurbished London office, overlooking St Martin’s Square, is home to over 900 staff, who are located over 6 floors.

The Brief

To complete the office transformation, CBRE wanted to replace their existing automatic doors at the front and rear of the building with stylish doors which were safe, reliable and ensured effortless pedestrian flow. To avoid any disruption to both staff and visitors, doors had to be installed over the Easter Bank Holiday, whilst the office was closed. 

The Solution

Two record K41 stainless steel four-leaf revolving doors constructed from glass to provide a modern, minimalistic look were installed. Complete with built in safety features activated by infrared detectors, the revolving doors have been programmed to operate once a door leaf is manually pushed.  This not only allows all staff and visitors to pass through the turnstiles safely and easily before they rotate back to a standstill but provides energy savings as the doors are only activated when used and not by passers-by on the busy road and square outside.

A stainless steel swing door complete with a record DFA 127 operator has also been installed next to revolving door at the main entrance to provide a wider opening for disabled access and deliveries of large, bulky items to the premises. This compact, elegant operator, which is operated by an access control system, is almost silent in operation and complements the overall look of the reception area.

Paul Charman, Operations Manager commented: "the revolving doors look impressive and add the finishing touch to the office, whilst helping minimise the level of noise and draft entering the building from outside. Despite extremely tight deadlines, record uk installed all doors on time, due to excellent planning and co-ordination".

Royal Blackburn Hospital | Blackburn

The Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital is the largest hospital in East Lancashire with 632 in-patient beds providing a full range of services for adults and children.  Since opening in July 2006 the new part of the hospital offers modern in-patient facilities, a centralised out-patients’ department, new operating theatres and an Emergency Department.

Installation & Service

Currently, there are 5 record STA 20 sliding doors installed at the front and rear entrances. Chosen for its reliability, security and performance, the STA 20 is ideally suited to handle the large volume of people the hospital receives and with customised aluminium frames manufactured in blue polyester powder coat, the doors complement the look and style of this modern building.

Over 40 record DFA 127 swing operators have also been fitted throughout the hospital to enhance new or existing doors quickly and economically with more operators set to be fitted over the next 5/6 years via a rolling refurbishment plan. The DFA 127’s innovative design with advanced technology is almost silent in operation, so particularly suitable for quieter environments such as hospital wards whilst offering a variety of functions to choose from including low energy to suit the differing needs of patients and staff alike.

On other entrances/corridors within the hospital where space is limited so excludes the use of sliding doors, record FTA 20 folding doors can be found. These doors not only enable the width of the passage to be almost fully retained but help minimise the time the door is open to the cold and elements.

Since March 2010, record uk has also been responsible for servicing all the automatic doors within the hospital on an annual service contract.  At present, there are 74 automatic doors which are all serviced twice each year.

Zarko Babic,Technical Services Manager, Engie commented “record uk provides safe and secure installations with a good level of service and support for the Royal Blackburn Hospital.  The DFA 127 is robust, reliable and one of the quietest swing operators on the market, making it second to none whilst the STA 20 and FTA 20 doors situated throughout the hospital consistently perform ensuring the flow of traffic in this busy environment is never impeded”.


Imperial College London

This is the Imperial College in London during a visit by the Queen. The doors installed are record's S61.

Phaeno Science Centre

Phaeno Science Centre in Wolfsburg in Germany showing specialist inclined sliding door used for dramatic effect in keeping with this beautiful building by Zaha Hadid Architects.

Somerset Roland Gardens

Somerset Roland Gardens is located in the popular residential area of South Kensington in London. The entrance to these serviced properties is fitted with record uk frameless STA sliding doors which add to the entrance's elegance and appeal.

The Shard Shopping Arcade in London - swing door

The Shard Shopping Arcade comprises six retail units and nine kiosks/retail bays offering more than 8,250 sq ft of space. The Shopping Arcade sits directly on the pedestrian route between London Bridge underground station and the main entrances to The Shard of Glass landmark and The News Building, where hundreds of city professionals are based. The Shopping Arcade was designed by The Shard of Glass architect Renzo Piano  and has floor-to-ceiling glazing throughout and provides the retail units with unique sizing configurations that ensure each brand has its own bespoke space. The entrance to the Shard Shopping Arcade was fitted with record DFA 127 swing doors with a manual side door. A record TSA 20 telescopic sliding door was also fitted at another entrance within the same shopping centre.

Barclays bank, Northampton

Barclays Bank in Northampton fitted with an impressive curved sliding door using record RST 20 and underground driver

Barclays Bank

At this branch of Barclays Bank in Baker Street, London a pair of classic record STA 22 sliding doors was installed. These doors are heavy duty with minimal framing providing a robust entrance with a modern clean look.

The Greater London Assembly (GLA)

The Greater London Assembly (GLA) housing two of record's specially manufacured 4.5 metre high revolving doors with concealed underfloor drive and emergency escape function. 

Gresham Street, London

This installation at 10 Gresham Street, London utilised the record underground drive record R 61 SU

Asprey's Store

Founded in 1781 Asprey's flagship jewellers store is located on New Bond Street in London, United Kingdom. Asprey has supplied crowns and coronets and sceptres for royal families around the world and as of 2013 has held a Royal Warrant of appointment from the Prince of Wales

Glasgow Airport FlipFlow WIDE extended

This record FlipFlow WIDE extended is installed at Glasgow International Airport. The units can be operated singly and so not used when not needed. The FlipFlow system allows safe and secure passage of persons into or from areas where security is a priority and a controlled flow of people is required. 

Horizons House 3 wing revolver

This 3 wing revolving door was installed at the entrance to Horizons House at Waterloo Quay in Mastrick, Aberdeen and creates a stylish and opulent feel to this modern reception area.

Toy Stack

The Toy Stack retail premises selling children's toys in the Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow.

Tower Place, London

record Revolving Door Tower Place, London

The east entrance at Tower Place in london was designed by architects Foster and Partners. This installtion is a fully automatic record K41 four wing revolving door and has an all-glass drum with visible parts anodised. The operating drive for this revolving door is concealed beneath the floor in a casing which protects it from water and dirt.  

Victoria Train Station

record telescopic doors (TSA 20) were installed in Victoria Train station in Manchester. Doors are fitted with an activation presence sensor for two way traffic and battery back-up in case of power failure or fire alam activation.

Glasgow Caledonian University

Glasgow Caledonian University (informally GCU or Caledonian or Caley) is a public university  in Glasgow, Scotland. It was formed in 1993 by the merger of The Queen's College, Glasgow (founded in 1875) and Glasgow Polytechnic (founded in 1971). As of 2015 it is one of Scotland's largest universities with nearly 20,000 students. On 1 April 1993, the two institutions amalgamated to form Glasgow Caledonian University. The new university took its name from Caledonia, the poetic Latin name for present-day Scotland.

Veolia Bolingbroke House, Shrewsbury

This refurbishment was at Veolia owned, Bolingbroke House in Battle field Enterprise Park in Shrewsbury. The refurbishment consisted of external curtain walling and external swing door (record's D 127 INVERSE) and internally  an entrance of double sided Fine Frame sliding doors (record's STA 20 Fine frame)

Aston Martin

This Aston Martin showroom at Atmell Way, Silver Link in Newcastle shows how impressive sliding doors can look. The installation at this showroom comprised the record STA 20 DUO double doors with radar activation and presence sensor for two way traffic. The construction also included battery back-up in case of power failure or fire alarm activation.

Denbridge Doctor's Surgery

Debridge Doctor's surgery in Bearsden in Scotland. This is a DFA 127 FULL POWER DOOR. As this door has a programmable micro-processor the speed of opening and closing can be adjusted.

The Shard Shopping Arcade

The Shard Shopping Arcade comprises six retail units and nine kiosks/retail bays offering more than 8,250 sq ft of space. The Shopping Arcade sits directly on the pedestrian route between London Bridge underground station and the main entrances to The Shard and The News Building, where hundreds of city professionals are based. The Shopping Arcade was designed by The Shard architect Renzo Piano  and has floor-to-ceiling glazing throughout and provides the retail units with unique sizing configurations that ensure each brand has its own bespoke space.  One set of existing entrance doors were replaced in an effort to combat the wind tunnel effect that existed. record automatic telescopic sliding doors (TSA 20) were installed which controlled the space opening and the length of time the doors were open to provide an effective  solution. At a second entrance a record manual swing door and record automatic sliding doors were installed (STA 20). The architects on this project were Adamson Associates and a pleasant draft free shopping environment has been restored.

Aluminium Manual swing door

Aluminium manual swing door. Frame painted to customer's requirements

Tesco store in Rugby.

This is an installation of the record uk telescopic TSA20 at the Tesco store in Rugby. The store required an entrance capable of allowing the safe passage of large numbers of people at one time, and at the same time not leave the entrance open to the elements for unduly long periods. This was achieved by the installation of automatic folding doors at both sides of the wide entrance, thus allowing maximum access while mimimising rapid ingress of cold air and dicomfort for customers and staff. 

Geographical and Earth Sciences dept at Glasgow Caledonian University

This record Total Opening System (TOS) was installed at the entrance to the Geographical and Earth Sciences department at Glasgow Caledonian University. The TOS system allows these sliding doors to be released to provide the widest possible escape route in the event of an emergency.  

Ronald McDonald House

This record THERMCORD sliding door provides thermal insulation helping maintain an even temperature in the facility. This installation was fitted with a  push pad for entry and safety beam radar activation presence sensors to detect traffic from either side of the door. The system was also fitted with battery back up to ensure safe door opening in the event of power failure.


Cost Cutters Mapplewell

Cost Cutters in Mapplewell, Wales with record Shop Front manufactured and installed to customer's requirements

Cost Cutters, Parranporth

Cost Cutters Shop Front by record UK in Perranporth, Cornwall in England. This shop front was manufactured and installed to the customer's requirements.

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

This entrance to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford is fitted with a record K41 four wing revolving door. Revolving doors can also have larger diameters and curved sliding doors.  Larger models can have display cabinets internally. 

City Point Offices, London

The entrance to serviced offices at City Point in London. A record K41 4 wing revolving door has been installed here with the underfloor drive unit connected by a continuous drive shaft. The drum wall consist of glass and all visible components with a brushed stainless steel finish.

Guinness Brewery in Dublin

When the Guinness Brewery in Dublin was having a facelift the entrance too was given a make-over with the installation of this record K 41, four wing revolving door.