Automatic doors by solution

Solutions to aid social distancing

Control the number of people in stores or buildings with record FlowControl, an automatic people counting system with door control for all retailers and public buildings to aid social distancing.

Make Doors Contactless Quickly

Automate existing swing doors within a few days or change your current push pad to a touchless switch to make your doors contactless and stop bacteria from entering.

Hermetic Sealing

Automatic Doors with Hermetic Sealing. Where you need to control temperature, humidity, air quality or noise, record's CLEAN hermetic range of products are designed to provide the air seal needed.

Shop Fronts and All Glazing

Auotmatic Doors for Shop Fronts and All Glazing. record can provide an updated, professional and modern image by offering a wide range of shopfront designs manufactured from either durable aluminium, glass  or steel

Radiation Protection

Automatic Doors with Radiation Protection. The record automatic radiation protection sliding door with filled panels and lead inserts meets the high requirements placed on radiology seals.


Automatic Doors with Soundproofing. record can offer sound-insulating doors certified in accordance with ISO 140-3: 1995. 

Insulated Doors

Automatic Doors with Insulation properties. The record THERMCORD system has been specially developed for automatic doors to reduce heat loss, minimise the transmission of bacteria from one environment to another and offer outstanding sound absorption.  THERMCORD3 also offers exceptional weather protection against hurriance storms and driving rain, whilst THERMCORD RC/3 offers burglar protection.

Security & Bomb Blast Doors

Automatic doors for Security and Bomb Blast requirements. Where the flow of traffic needs to be managed record’s range of automatic security doors meet the need for access control

Burglar Resistant Doors

Automatic Doors with Burglar Resistance. For users who have above-average burglary protection requirements, but appreciate the convenient operation of a standard automatic sliding door.

Emergency Opening

Automatic Doors with Emergency Opening. record has two products that offer a solution whether emergency access is required or just access for occassional wider loads.

Concealed Drives - Underfloor or In-Head

Automatic doors with concealed drives. Where a streamlined automatic door profile is preferred, or required, door operating drives can be concealed underfloor or within the door frame itself (in-head).

Fire Proof Doors

Automatic Doors which are fire proofed. At record, we have certified automatic swing and sliding doors to provide fire protection where you need it.