Record Impression Speed Gate

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Be the first as first impressions count... the NEW Impression Speed Gate from Record

Impress your visitors with flexible, elegant and sophisticated speed gates that not only look the part, but feature a modular design ensuring it can be installed in almost any entrance.

By housing the electronics in the centre of the gate barrier, their length and width can be fully customised to suit your needs, eliminating the need to compromise on your architectural design.

The Impression Speed Gate is a simple to install solution with state of the art security features, designed to prevent unauthorised access even in areas with a high volume of pedestrian traffic.

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Record impression speed gate range of colours

Record Impression Speed Gate

About the Record Impression Speed Gate

By using a variety of sensors specifically designed to detect intrusions, the Impression Speed Gate puts an end to jump-overs, tailgating and other intrusions that buildings may face.

While this Speed Gate is complex in its features, it is incredibly safe and easy to use for all, no matter a persons age or mobility, this speed lane ensures that everyone can access your premises quickly and without hassle.

This innovative access solution offers seamless integration into any existing security system, with leading HID technology, resulting in a solution that is quiet, long-lasting and can handle a large number of visitors.

Available in a wide range of colours and dimensions

We understand that appearance is just as important as function, not only do you want to keep your guests safe, but you also want to impress them with a modern and striking entrance.

Both elegant and futuristic in style, this Speed Gate is able to fit even the most sophisticated environments. With its many assorted design options, ranging from different materials to cabinet design, it’s easier than ever to make sure the Impression complements your building’s interior atmosphere. Wherever you are.

Record Impression Speed Gate

Record Impression Speed Gate features

Features of the Impression Speed Gate

  • Wings with different size options for comfort and style
  • Card reader integration to enable seamless pedestrian flow
  • Light bands for immediate user feedback 
  • LED pictogram that signals passage status from afar
  • Cabinet in open, centre glass and boxed versions
  • Colours that complement your building's aesthetic
  • Sensors for intuitive, top-grade security and safety 

Technical specifications & options

  • Passageway width - 600mm to 1100mm
  • Wing heights - 1000, 1200 and 1800mm
  • Cabinet lengths - 500/1200/1450/1700mm
  • Minimum opening/closing time - 0.7 seconds
  • MCBF - 10,000,000
  • Noise level - 55 db at 1m distance
  • IP Protection - IP 40
  • Finish - RAL or anodized

Record Impression Speed Gate

Do you think our Speed Gates offer the correct solution for you? Or maybe on of our other access control solutions best suits your needs? Speak to our Security Specialist Stephen Goodridge on 07771 870 511 or email stephen.goodridge@recorduk.co.uk

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