Security Man Trap Portals from Record

Our security portals guarantee secure access control for vulnerable and specially protected areas, with two round sliding doors connected to each other to create an interlock gate

Guest are authorised simply and efficiently before entering the security portal, this can be done via card reader or fingerprint, or manually by security personnel.

Our security portals are perferct for a number of industries including gyms, financial buildings, offices or any premises where authorised-only access is essential.

These man trap portals, with RC2/RC3 ratings, prevent a number of intrustion attempts such as tailgating and piggybacking, without compromising on accessibilty, allowing for disabled access.


Choose the security level you need

- For use as an interlock gate to separate visitors
- Doors open successively
- Access via card reader or nearby staff

- Anti-tailgating monitoring via pressure mat
- Prevents more than one entry per door cycle

- Anti-tailgating and piggybacking monitoring
- 3D camera for monitoring
- Access is only granted when the camera confirms there is only one person in the pod

Record R62 Security Man Trap Portal

Record R62 security man trap portal

Fully customisable design

Providing a secure entrance doesn't mean you entrance can't look the part, and our security portals are fully customisable to suit your design needs.

Door passage widths are available in a number of sizes including ranging from 600mm - 1100mm for the R65 model or 1000mm - 1600mm for the R65 model.

We understand that branding is important when specifying an entrance, and these portals can be supplied in over 200 RAL colours.

Security portals are known by a myriad of names which can be very confusing for the non-expert. Terms include security portal, mantrap portal, tubestile to name just three. This is the case for most specialist security products so it can be worthwhile qualifying exactly which product someone is referring to before progressing to far down the road of specification and pricing Speak to our Security Specialist Stephen Goodridge on 07771 870 511 or email stephen.goodridge@recorduk.co.uk

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