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Record provides security specification and security compliance support across all requirements. Speak to our Entrance Control Specialist Stephen Goodridge on 07771 870 511 or email stephen.goodridge@recorduk.co.uk.

We understand that many businesses and buildings can only operate safely when a high level of security is present at all time, and we have a number of solutions to ensure visitors are safe at all times.

For stadiums and leisure centres we have a range of speed gates and turnstiles, perfect for validating visitors who have memberships or tickets, while preventing intrusions such as wrong way exit.

We also have security revolving doors and man trap portals of financial buildings and offices, which can be used to prevent a number of security breaches such as piggybacking and tailgating.

For airports, where security is the number one priority, we have FLIP FLOW exit lanes, to ensure passengers are managed safely and correctly.

Our range of Automatic Security Door Systems fulfil the requirements of architects, security consultants and building operators:

Security level - High Security Door Systems to simple & secure access control.

Flow - Comfortable and fast access based on volume of traffic.

Connectivity - Intelligent interfacing with Building Management Systems.

Aesthetics - Solutions that can be specified to match your building's design.

Installation & Maintenance - Reliable, controlled & secure access - always.

Record Maxima Full Height Security Turnstile

Protect your premises against Terrorism - Martyn’s Law

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Record Compact CA Speed Gate Office with pass gate

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record provides security specification and security compliance support across all requirements. From basic security applications to ultra high security door systems for financial, millitary and government applications, we can help.  Speak to our Security Entrance Control Business Development Manager - Stephen Goodridge on 07771 870 511, email stephen.goodridge@recorduk.co.uk or use the contact form above.