U-Value Calculator

because every door is unique

The heat transfer coefficient U of a door plays an essential role in modern building envelopes.  Thanks to the record THERMCORD doors, unwanted heat transmission can be significantly reduced.  Depending on the glass type and size, we can achieve values of U=1.1 W/ m2K.  Since the parameters for glass and size play an essential role, each door must be recalculated for the U-value calculation. The U-value calculator below will help you to do just that.

Door set
THERMCORD telescope
mm (800 – 3000)
mm (1800 - 3000)

For other sizes please contact record

W/m2K (0.1 - 3.0)
Comparative installation, conventional profiles (32mm) with 24mm double glazing
W/m2K (0.7 - 4.0)