Security Speed Gates from Record

Ensure authorised-only pedestrian access with security speed lanes

Our speed gates are designed with a variety of security features to ensure that your premises will be free from unauthorised entry, removing the burden of access management on staff to check tickets or authorise visitors individually.

Able to handle high flow rates in public areas our speed gates also have a variety of security measures such as anti-tailgating, piggybacking and wrong way passage.

Whatever your requirements are our speed gates provide the perfect solution, being able to control thousands of visitors entering a stadium, or a smaller flow rate of people entering a gym.

Record Vision Edge Speed Gate

Sophisticated Security Features

With a number sensors our access gates are able to achieve a high standard of security, with sophisticated algorithms that track the passage of authorised visitors while controlling and acting as a deterrant against unauthorised entry.

These speed lanes also easily integrate with existing security systems to ensure setup is achieved as quickly and smoothly a possible, ensuring the security levels of your premises remain high for as long as possible.

Various biometrics and smart card readers can be used for authentication to permit access with these walk thru gates, with scanners that are seamlessly integrated into the plinths of the gate

Record Compact CA Speed Gate Office with pass gate

Record Impression Speed Gate

Customisable for any requirements

In order to achieve the most efficient use of space possible these speed lanes can be installed in a variety of dimensions and lane sizes, ensuring busy areas are not impeded by too many visitors bottle necking a single gate.

These gate systems are modern in design to create an aesthetic appearance, and are therefore perfect for any finance or business entrance.

We also understand brand image is important, and part of this can be achieved through the colour of your entrance, this is why our speed gates are available in over 200 RAL colours.

A Number of Additional Features

With basic and reliable mechanical systems, and advanced electronics these traffic lanes offer maximum stability and needs less maintenance to provide permanent service life.

The speed gates work well in an emergency situation, being able to respond to emergency alarms, holding the doors permanently open or switching to manual mode, so they can be operated without the need for access cards.

Using an adjustable gate direction control also adds flexibility to building entrance control systems and improves people flow for efficiency & user convenience.

Record Compact CA Speed Gate Hospital

Record Specification Support

Before the right door can be chosen, it is necessary to ensure that the correct variant is selected. Our automatic door expert is available to provide all the necessary guidance and support. All topics are covered, including compliance, design, aesthetics, installation and technical specifications.

Record offer a fully bespoke manufacturing service, thus ensuring that the very highest quality standards are met. Our experience in automatic door design, door installation and maintenance allows us to manufacture doors that match your exact needs and requirements.

Record Vision Touch Speed Gate graphic

Automatic door servicing EPC 903

Swing Door Installation, Maintenance & Door Repair Services

Record has a vast experience of fitting automatic doors of all types in all types of commercial settings. Our professional installation teams will ensure that your door is installed on time and to budget.

All Record engineers are trained in-house to the highest standards and are fully qualified to the latest BS7036/EN16005 Automatic Door standards.

Call our Service Department on 0330 058 2688 to find out about how we can prolong the life of your doors, and our cost-saving Service Packages.

Do you think our Speed Gates offer the correct solution for you? Or maybe on of our other access control solutions best suits your needs? Speak to our Security Specialist Stephen Goodridge on 07771 870 511 or email stephen.goodridge@recorduk.co.uk

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