Warranty Registration Form for your Record Automatic Door

What's next for your door?

Have you had a new door installed by Record within the last year? Are you aware that your automatic door is supplied with a 12-month part warranty? We don’t think you will need it, but it’s helpful to know that it is there in case something goes wrong.

To help keep you updated with news regarding your door, please complete the Warranty Registration Form below. We promise we won’t flood you with spam or sales calls, but it will help to keep you up to date with your investment! 


In time, your door will require regular servicing. We recommend every 6 months, or when the BDE Control Switch for your door tells you a maintenance check is due if it is a heavily used door.  

You can find out about the BDE codes see our BDE Identification Tool 

We can also provide you with a range of services to help keep your doors in good working order.

For information on our service packages, please click here

 If you have any other questions or just need to speak to someone, please call our helpdesk on 0330 058 2688.