record CURVED Special (R61)

The record CURVED Special (R 61) is an underfloor drive for round and curved doors.  Compared to conventional drive concepts, there are no restrictions on the size of the radius.  Doors can be curved inward or outward.  

With the CURVED Special, the entire door leaf weight rests on the drive module base alone.  The upper guide rail is designed merely to absorb horizontal forces caused by wind forces, and a minimum height of 55mm is provided for this.  The maximum height of the door systems is currently 5000mm.  Doors can also be controlled by motion sensors embedded in the floor.  Even with peripheral devices, the idea of the invisible drive is still a top priority at record.


record CURVED Special (R61)
record CURVED Special (R61)


  • creates a dramatic entrance
  • can be integrated into almost any radius
  • doors can curve inwards or outwards
  • can be tailor-made to match architectural designs


  • presents highly flexible design possibilities
  • structurally less complex than a revolving door


  • Doors can be controlled by motion sensors embedded in the floor.