Healthcare - automatic doors for hygienic environments

The healthcare environment is one where needs are wide and varied and entrance solutions must be up to the challenge.  In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we offer a number of solutions to automate doors quickly and easily and help make entrances and shared areas such as hospital wards, common rooms in care homes and toilets contact-free and as safe as possible by preventing the spread of germs via door handles and switches.

record's automatic door solutions are available to meet the demands of any environment from the need for easy cleaning or hermetic sealing to safe, accessible entry for the disabled or elderly.

When you want efficient, reliable, energy-saving and hard-working doors there’s still room for good looks and smooth operation.

Swing Doors

The record DFA 127 automatic swing door can be used as the basis for a wide variety of swing door applications thanks to its advanced programmable micro processor and compact design.  In addition, it is almost silent in operation which makes it additionally suitable in quieter environments. The versatility of this automatic door operator means it can also be used as a control system to provide fire and smoke protection and it is a system which can be extended with a master-slave function which facilitates two overlapping door leaves.  The record DFA 127 is also available with 'in-ground' drive and 'in-head' drive operators where a particularly streamlined look is required.

record BLS 60

Bacteria and viruses are mainly transmitted through the hands. When the door handle turns into a germ spreader, this is a problem for companies, especially in the hygiene sector. On many everyday things like smartphones, shopping carts, light switches or door handles adhere to the unwelcome bacteria firmly. For hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, restaurants as well as the food processing industry the touchless switch is the perfect solution. Are the hands occupied with carrying shopping bags, anything else or by typing a message on the smartphone, the approach to the switch is enough and the automatic door opens.

In addition to the simple operation of the door, the record BLS 60 is hygienic to use, as at no time the skin comes into contact with the object.

DFA 127 Operator Package      - Make Doors Contact-Free Quickly

Automate manual swing doors within hours to create contact-free, safe environments and prevent the spread of Covid-19 being transmitted via door handles and switches.

Hermetic Sealing

Doors with a hermetic sealing capability are used in operating theatres and other environments with clean room requirements for a high level of hygiene. Hermetic sealing prevents or minimises air flow and hence the transmission of bacteria or particles via air flow.

Within the record CLEAN series, there are a number of different models which can provide hermetic sealing, all of which can be manufactured completely from stainless steel to provide a modern design as well as practical functionality and an easily cleanable surface.  With a wide variety of materials to choose from for the door cores and surface finishes as well as the design of the frame and the sealing system, CLEAN doors can be combined in many different ways making them suitable for all kinds of applications. 

Additional features from the CLEAN series include:

  • Sound-absorbing door leaf core
  • Radiation infeed in various lead equivalents
  • Water-resistant materials for use in damp rooms
  • Fire-resistant function
record CLEAN K3-A

Where hermetic sealing is not required, doors can be supplied with a slightly modified door leaf. This model has an integrated guide frame which is available with various options and protective features. record's CLEAN range of automatic sliding doors are specially designed for hospitals and any other clean rooms with hygienic requirements such as in clinics, research and laboratory rooms, pharmaceutical production facilities, quarantine zones and the production of foodstuffs. These lightly closing sliding doors are manufactured in many materials including stainless steel providing easy cleaning, practical functionality as well as modern design and attractive finishes. 


record Speedgate seamless and fluid barriers are ideal for indoor use, in low to medium secure buildings which experience high volumes of traffic that need to be controlled and regulated. 

Ideal for sites where space is limited but aesthetics are still a must, record Speedgates offer a fast and steady flow of between 25-30 people per minute at without compromising security.

Quiet and smooth in operation, record Speedgates are suitable for use in reception areas in Leisure, Government, Finance, Banking, Retail, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Publishing and Education facilities.