Record CLEAN Hygienic Door Range

Doors where the highest hygiene requirements are essential

The Record CLEAN hygienic door range offers a variety of hermetic or non-hermetic sealing doors dependent on your requirements.

Hermetic sealing doors restrict airflow to prevent the unwanted transmission of bacteria, where the highest levels of hygiene are vital such as cleanrooms, hosptials and laboratories.

Non-hermetic doors are tightly closing and offer protection in areas prone to moisture such as leisure centres, swimming pools, schools, clinics, pharmacies, dentists and the production of foodstuffs.

The CLEAN range offers various door configurations include; sliding double and single doors, swing doors and telescopic doors which all have an easy to clean surface and modern design.

Record CLEAN K1-A Hermetic Sealing Sliding Door

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Additional features from the Record CLEAN Hygienic Door series include:

  • Hermetic sealing levels up too 100 pa available
  • Radiation protection core for X-rays and Gamma rays
  • Noise dampening for a quieter environment
  • Smoke and fire protection
  • Handles on both sides of the door (stainless V2A)
  • Glass inserts for natural lighting
  • Door laminate in various colours and designs
  • Variety of configurations to suit space restrictions

Record CLEAN K2-A Hermetic Sealing Sliding Door Double Leaf

Case studies for the Record CLEAN Hygienic Door range

Discover how the Record CLEAN range has been used in existing projects:
Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg ➤
Clinique des Grangettes, Geneva ➤
Children's Clinic Erlangen ➤

Record K3-A Hygienic Sliding Door Swimming Pool

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