Automatic doors by solution

Automating Existing Entrances

Installing an automatic door does not always mean replacing the entire facade, we have a number of solutions to quickly and easily automate or upgrade existing entrances.

Our DFA127 swing door operator can be easily retrofitted onto almost any existing swing door, and offers a reliable and quiet solution with minimal need for service.

This swing door is perfect for areas such as hospital wards, classrooms, corridors, office buildings and care homes.

Record DFA 127 Inverse Swing Door Operator close up

CLEAN Hermetic Sliding Door clinique des grangettes

Hermetic Sealing

For hospitals, cleanrooms and labratories where a high standard of hygiene is essential, our CLEAN range restricts bacteria and air flow by creating a seal around the door.

With hermetic sealing levels of up to 100 pa, and available in a single or double-leaf configuration, these doors ensure a solution for any size project ot requirement.

We also have a range of easy-to-clean hygienic doors available in a variety of designs including a slidingswing and telescopic door.

Our CLEAN range of doors also offer protection against X-rays and gamma rays and can be provided with the addition of a full-surface lead insert in the door leaf.

Energy Saving & Thermal Doors

To help you save money on your energy bills we have our THERMCORD3 sliding door, the only product in the world with a complete thermally separated profile from the fascia to the floor rail.

We also have the THERMCORD sliding door with heat saving properties that is almost indistinguishable from a normal sliding door, meaning it can be easilt intgegrated into any building.

If you are looking to save money on your energy building and also prevent intrusions/burglaries we also have an RC2/RC3 rated variant. All of our thermal doors are perfect for offices, hotels luxury shops and many more.

Record THERMCORD3 Thermally Separated Sliding Door in the mountains

Record Impression Speed Gate

Burglar Resistance & Security

We understand that many businesses and buildings can only operate safely when a high level of security is present at all time, and we have a number of solutions to ensure visitors are safe at all times.

We have a range of speed gates and turnstiles, perfect for validating visitors who have memberships or tickets, while preventing intrusions such as wrong way exit.

For financial buildings or offices we have security revolving doors and man trap portals which can be used to prevent a number of security breaches such as piggybacking and tailgating.

For airports, where security is the number one priority, we have FLIP FLOW exit lanes, to ensure passengers are managed safely and correctly.

Emergency Escape Route & Fire Resistance

Many of our doors offer both integration with fire alarm systems and the ability to be used as a fire door. Our FTA20 FBO folding door features leaves that quickly respond to emergency alarm systems ensuring they open swiftly to ensure all the visitors to a building can exit safely. 

Our DFA 127 Fire Automatic Swing Door System provides an incredibly effective smoke and fire protection door. In case of fire, a signal from the smoke and heat detector or fire alarm system triggers immediate closing of the passage.

Record FTA20 Automatic Bi-Folding Door Four Seasons Hote

record STA 20 Automatic Sliding Door shop

Shop Fronts & Glazing

A good first impression goes a long way to establishing a business as trustworthy, professional and one you can have confidence in. A high quality, well-designed shop front will always say a lot about your business and brand.

We have a number of solutions to ensure your entrance is one customers will remember, to find out more about our shop fronts and glazing click here.


In cases such as hospital quarantine wards where patients need to be both protected and comfortable, our range of CLEAN doors provide excellent noise dampening for a quieter environment.

For offices, shops, hotels, restaurants and many more our THERMCORD3 offers extraordinary noise reduction up to 35dB, ensuring that even on the busiest streets the ambience of your building will not be disturbed.

Record CLEAN hermetic sealing door soundproofing

C127 X SU/Record C127 X SU Offset underfloor Door Drive Close up

Concealed Underfloor Drives

Our C 127 X is the world’s first underfloor drive for swing doors with protection class IP69 – completely watertight!

This swing drive is the perfect solution for entrances where aesthetics are essential, creating the impression of a door that is completely driverless, and allowing for nearly full glass door leaves that allow light to flood in and fill the room.

The maintenance-friendly system is recessed into the floor and if required, covered invisibly with the matching floor covering, making it blend seamlessly into the door area.

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