Security Turnstiles by Record

Physical access control and security in public areas with Security Turnstiles by Record

Record Security Turnstiles ensure secure access to safeguarded indoor and outdoor areas against unauthorised access by controlling pedestrian flow to provide safe access for all.

Security Turnstiles for commercial security are available in both a full height configuration, and also in a low waist tripod version and can be customised to suit the design of the surrounding area and fit seamlessly into any building or entrance.

With a range of security features Record Security Turnstiles restrict access whilst ensuring safe passage for pedestrians and staff in the case of emergencies with fail-safe features and security system compatibility.

Record Turnstiles offer advanced security for areas such as construction sites, stadiums, government buildings, public transport areas and retail outlets.

Record Maxima Full Height Turnstile

Customisable Design and Construction

Available in both a low waist tripod configuration and full height turnstile, these access control solutions provide the perfect entrance for any public area.

Record Security Turnstiles are available in a variety of finishes and materials to suit individual needs and create a desired aesthetic appearance coupled with sophisticated business security.

All confgurations offer a robust and corrosion resistant solution to manage access for pedestrian flow to any premises.

Record Durapod Tripod Turnstile public building

Record Maxima full height security turnstile in situ

Safety, Security and Convenience

Record Turnstile entry systems have a variety of security and safety features such as fail-safes, fire alarm compatibility and evacuation settings to provide a safe exit in the event of a fire and other emergencies.

These security gates can also be integrated readers for authentication to enable security staff and receptionists to concentrate on their roles without having to stop to verify credentials, or in some cases it can enable businesses to redeploy staff elsewhere, for instance in quieter periods.

Multiple Modes of Operation

As effective control systems, Record Turnstiles have differing modes of operation for restricting anauthorised access such as one-way and two-way operation.

Different operating modes allow these turnstiles to suit different requirements for visitor management, such as levels of security or how you wish to control entry.

Record Durapod Tripod Turnstile Trainstation

Record Compact CA Speed Gate wide angle

How many Speed Gates, Speed Lanes or Security Turnstiles do you need to specify?

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Security Door Installation, Maintenance & Door Repair Services

Record has a vast experience of fitting automatic doors of all types in all types of commercial settings. Our professional installation teams will ensure that your door is installed on time and to budget.

All Record engineers are trained in-house to the highest standards and are fully qualified to the latest BS7036/EN16005 Automatic Door standards.

Call our Service Department on 0330 058 2688 to find out about how we can prolong the life of your doors, and our cost-saving Service Packages.

Automatic Door Servicing and service contracts

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