Record C127 X Concealed Underfloor Drive

Best in class swing drive with high performance and protection class IP69

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The C 127 X is the world’s first underfloor drive for swing doors with protection class IP69 – completely watertight!

By using a carden direct drive, this concealed system can comfortably move full-glass doors with a wing weight of up to 600kg, elegantly and silently.

This swing drive is the perfect solution for entrances where aesthetics are essential, creating the impression of a door that is completely driverless, and allowing for nearly full glass door leaves that allow light to flood in and fill the room.

The maintenance-friendly system is recessed into the floor and if required, covered invisibly with the matching floor covering, making it blend seamlessly into the door area.

Available in a centred or offset configuration

In the centred variation of this swing door drive, the door leaf is situated in the middle of the operator and can be used as a lower door mounting.

In the offset version, the drive axis has been shifted from the centre to the edge of the housing, thereby reducing the clearance to the side wall to only 50 mm.

This ensures that expansion joints or moisture barriers installed in front of the door sill are not affected and the drive can be mounted completely on the inside of the entrance.

Record C127 X concealed underfloor swing drive office building

Record C127 X Concealed Underfloor Drive

Protection against the elements with an IP69 rating

This concealed swing drive consists of two main components, the electronic and control unit which are housed within an IP69 rated casing to provide the highest class of protection against dust and water.

Melted snow and ice or rainwater, as well as washing liquid from floor cleaning machines, do not impair the underfloor drive performance.

This ensures peace of mind that this swing door drive can be used on building entrances and will continue to operate no matter the conditions.

Various modes of operation

  • Manual Mode: Open and close without mechanical assistance
  • Power Assist: Manual opening that is motor assisted
  • Touch Control: Door will automatically close after a specified time
  • Automatic Mode: Door opens via sensors
  • One-way: Door only reacts to pedestrians on one side of the door
  • Locked: Uses power to resist manual opening of the door

Record C127 X concealed underfloor swing drive

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