Angled Sliding Doors

Angled sliding doors are linear sliding doors which meet at an angle or point. They create an unusual and elegant entrance solution. And underground drive operator (S16 SU) for linear doors can be used along with these doors to create an even more streamlined look.

record PST 20

The record PST 20 angled sliding door can be used to give an entrance a look of originality and drama. The angle is freely selectable between 90° and 180° and can be applied inside or outside. With obtuse angles, this type of door is often fitted to operate over a large radius, and is also widely used in place of curved doors.

The record PST 20 angled sliding door is based on the reliable and versatile record system 20 which enables us to provide a consistent high quality system in a wide range of models using the same components, modified to suit the needs of the individual customer. The result is quicker assembly and lower service and maintenance costs. There are 20 mm thick aluminium profiles available for 10mm thick glazed leaves or 30 mm thick profiles suitable for 19 mm thick insulating glass to allow the greatest possible transparency. Even profiles of other manufacturers up to 65 mm can be fitted. Both profiles and drive unit cover can be anodized or powder-coated