Automatic Telescopic Doors from Record

Create the widest possible entrance, with minimal footprint

Telescopic doors provide an excellent problem-solving solution, allowing for an entrance opening that is as wide as possible, for projects such as this the Record TSA20 is a perfect reliable and robust choice. 

With door leaves that stack in the open position, these doors require less interior wall space than other solutions, and can therefore achieve a much wider opening even in spaces where a sliding door may not fit.

Record's telescopic doors come in various configurations depending on your needs, including a heavy duty variation for grander, bespoke entrances, or with hygienic door leaves for hospitals, cleanrooms and laboratories.

The TSA 20 Telescopic sliding door is perfect for  offices, retail stores, hospitals, schools and public buildings.

Robust and Reliable

Our telescopic doors use the same STA20 system as many of our other doors, which has proved its reliability time and time again, ensuring our telescopic doors will have a long life-span with minimal breakdowns.

This door system is also incredibly quiet in operation, meaning it is perfect for more luxurious shops and hotels and the ambience of any building will not be disturbed.

Our CLEAN T2 hygienic telescopic door offers practical functionality and cleanable surfaces, reducing the risk of the spread of bacteria, for areas with a need for excellent hygiene standards.

Record CLEAN Telescopic Sliding Door

Record TSA20 Telescopic Sliding Door

Case Studies

Discover how other buildings use telescopic doors in their designs...

Victoria Train Station

The Shard Shopping Arcade

Tesco store in Rugby

The Dolder Grand, Zurich (Switzerland)

Record Specification Support

When it comes to choosing the right automatic door, one specification does not fit every project and it is necessary to fully ensure that the correct variant is selected.

Our automatic door specification expert is available to provide all the necessary guidance and support. All areas are covered, including compliance, design and technical specifications.

Record offer a full bespoke manufacturing service, this ensuring that the very highest quality standards are met. Our experience in door design, door installation and maintenance and service packages allows us to produce doors suited to meet your exact needs and requirements.

Record TSA20 Telescopic sliding door tube station

Record automatic door servicing swansea university

Swing Door Installation, Maintenance & Door Repair Services

Record has a vast experience of fitting automatic doors of all types in all types of commercial settings. Our professional installation teams will ensure that your door is installed on time and to budget.

All Record engineers are trained in-house to the highest standards and are fully qualified to the latest BS7036/EN16005 Automatic Door standards.

Call our Service Department on 0330 058 2688 to find out about how we can prolong the life of your doors, and our cost-saving Service Packages.

Door Design and Door Installation

Record is not only one of the top door manufacturer in the world, as we also install our doors, which can be:

  • Energy saving
  • Burglar resistant
  • Hygienic (vital for hospital doors and food production sites)
  • Configured to offer enhanced security / breach control

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Record TSA20 Telescopic Sliding Door

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