Record STA20 Fine Frame Automatic Sliding Door

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Stunning glass design... introducing the Record STA20 Fine Frame Automatic Sliding Door

Our fine frame automatic sliding doors provide all applications for the individual design of your entrance area.

Available with slim line profiles of 20 mm for 10 mm thick single glazed leaves, or 32 mm thick aluminium profiles for 24 mm thick insulating glass, these automatic sliding doors provide an elegant and cost effective solution.

These fine frame automatic sliding door systems give an aesthetically pleasing, yet highly functional entrance offering the greatest possible transparency.

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Fine Frame STA 20 in situ at Dollar Bay Apartments

About the Record STA20 Fine Frame Automatic Sliding Door

By utlising a fine frame it reduces both the weight and footprint of door leaves and enhances the appeal of any facility without any loss in quality.

These fine frame sliding doors use the same system 20 as many of our entrance solitions, a tried and tested door drive ensured to last a long time, with minimal service intervals.

Inside shot of STA 20 Fine frame doors at Dollar Bay Apartments

Fine frame STA 20 at Luxury Apartments

Features of the Record STA20 Fine Frame Automatic Sliding Door

  • Wide range of dimensions and profile thicknesses available
  • Door Leaves can be customised to suit architectural needs
  • Learning technology to make adjustments automatically
  • Insulating glass for greatest possible transparency
  • Door drive can be integrated into any design
  • Also available as a full glass sliding door

Benefits of the Record STA20 Fine Frame Automatic Sliding Door

  • Sleek design for improved aesthetics
  • No long of structural quality with the finer frame
  • Provides barrier free accessibility for all pedestrians/wheelchair users
  • Modular construction enables a wide range of applications
  • Can be adapted to suit a wide range of conditions
  • Low noise operation for a quiet environment
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Reduced service and maintenance costs
  • Low energy automated door opener

STA 20 fine frame close up

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