Record Durapod Tripod Turnstiles

Robust and secure pedestrian control ... introducing Record Durapod Tripod Turnstiles

The Record Durapod Tripod Turnstiles controls pedestrian flow and prevents unauthorised access to sensitive areas.

This security turnstile is suited to areas such as government buildings, telecommunications, education, retail, banking and leisure.

Compact and cost-effective, the Record Durapod Tripod Turnstiles is designed with a smooth and silent operation and can be customised to suit the surrounding environment and design aesthetics.

Designed for smooth and silent operation, less wear and tear and reduced power consumption, these security turnstiles are suitable for areas where there is a large flow of people.

Record Durapod Tripod Turnstile Trainstation

Record Durapod Tripod Turnstile public building

Security Features of the Record Durapod Tripod Turnstiles

  • Power failure/fire alarm compatibility
  • Positive locking for one passenger at a time
  • Self centring mechanism
  • Hydraulic damper for smooth operation
  • Anti-backup device

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