Record TSA 20 Telescopic Sliding Door

For the widest entrance possible... introducing the Record TSA 20 Telescopic Sliding Door

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Telescopic doors provide an excellent problem-solving solution, allowing for an entrance opening that is as wide as possible, for projects such as this the Record TSA20 is a perfect reliable and robust choice. 

With door leaves that stack in the open position, these doors require less interior wall space than other solutions, and can therefore achieve a much wider opening even in spaces where a sliding door may not fit.

 In comparison with the traditional sliding door, they take up about 30 % less space thanks to their narrower leaves, and yet can cover especially large opening widths of up to 4000 mm. 

The Record TSA 20 Telescopic sliding door is perfect for  offices, retail stores, hospitals, schools and public buildings.

Robust and Reliable

Our telescopic doors use the same STA20 system as many of our other doors, which has proved its reliability time and time again, ensuring our telescopic doors will have a long life-span with minimal breakdowns.

This door system is also incredibly quiet in operation, meaning it is perfect for more luxurious shops and hotels and the ambience of any building will not be disturbed.

Record TSA20 Telescopic sliding tesco

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