Automatic Folding Doors

Automatic Folding doors are necessary when the full width of entrance is too narrow for sliding doors. They are simple to retrofit, and integrate well into existing entrances. Typical applications for the record FTA 20 can be found in restaurants in the passage to the pantry, for example, or from the kitchen to the dining area.

record FTA 20

Where limited space in a passage area excludes the use of sliding doors, which require a side space to slide into an opening, FTA 20 automatic folding door provides a good solution and can be adapted to suit many situations and provide the perfect solution where space is limited.

The width of passage can be almost fully retained. Automatic folding doors can be retrofitted relatively easily. They are designed to work particularly well when fitted in corridors. Depending on the total width available, the folding door is built as one or two-sided. Typical applications for the record FTA 20 automatic folding door can be found in restaurant and commercial kitchen settings, in the passage to the pantry, for example, or from the kitchen to the dining area. They can also be found in hotels, supermarkets, education facilities, retail outlets, hospitals and leisure facilities.

Automatic folding doors with break-out function

A special feature of this record automatic folding door is the optional break-out function (FBO) which allows the record FTA 20 FBO to be used as an escape exit in accordance with local conditions and regulations. As with the TOS (Total Opening System) option for our automatic sliding doors, the FTA 20 FBO enables folding doors to function as emergency exits by opening in the direction of escape as quickly as possible.

This feature is especially useful wherever there are narrow passageways but the passageway also has to serve as an escape or rescue route such as in restaurants, old people's homes, businesses and hospitals.