Exit Lane Breach Control & Security Doors

When security is a high priority or when the flow of people needs to be controlled in a one-way direction record offers several products depending on the level of security and control required. Higher levels of security can be achieved by utilising a series of infrared sensors and triggers in combination with volumetric detection to prevent unauthorised access. The sensor system can also scan the interior of the door system to detect the presence of objects left in or passed through the corridor. 

record FlipFlow Exit Lane Breach Control System is used in airports worldwide, and is a cost-efficient solution which significantly improves security, eliminates human error and enables airports to reduce costs by re-deploying security staff. For applications requiring an extremely high volume of throughput, multiple units can be placed side by side to handle peak pedestrian flow. 

record R 62 Security Interlock System provides safe, secure access control for vulnerable and specially protected areas within airports, banks and other sensitive locations, preventing so-called tailgating and piggybacking behaviours. 

record R 62

The R 62 security interlock control system provides for the separation of pedestrian traffic using sensors and triggers which operate the exit path only when the required parameters are met. The system can be set to implement a range of security levels which allow passage only when pre-defined conditions are satisfied. These measures prevent so-called tailgating and piggybacking behaviours.

The interplay between the cutting edge technology of the R 62 security interlock and our proven engineering techniques enables safe, secure access control for vulnerable and specially protected areas such as can be found in banks, airports and other sensitive applications.

record K32/K42 - ST

3- and 4-wing record security revolving doors ensure controlled access to secure areas.

The modular product concept allows the integration of almost all common access control and identification systems and reports events to the building management system if necessary. Intelligent sensor technologies monitor the number of people and detect breaches (Tailgating / Piggybacking) reliably.

A 4-wing revolving door impresses with a high throughput of persons where a 3-wing revolving door creates a higher comfort with the same size.

record THERMCORD RC2 Burglar Resistant

record THERMCORD RC 2 / RC 3 is the ideal entrance door for your retail store, hotel or office building. You will receive effective burglar resistance in combination with efficient, energy-saving properties, which reduce your heating and air-conditioning costs.

The THERMCORD RC 2/RC 3 is particularly suitable for break-in protection since the door frames are designed to be extremely strong to ensure thermal separation. Two intertwined, V-shaped profiles ensure a level of sturdiness that provides immense resistance to attacks by burglars. Moreover, because these two V-profiles do not touch each other at any point inside the door, any heat exchange between the inside and outside of the door system is prevented.