Record R62 Security Portal

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Safe, Access Control for Secure Areas ... introducing the Record R62 Security Portal

The record R 62 Security Portal mantrap door guarantees secure access for sensitive areas only allowing access when pre-defined conditions are met.

These doors function with only one door open at a time to create an interlock and prevent unauthorised access to vulnerable, secure areas.

Modular in design, the Record R62 Security Portal has 3 selectable security levels to prevent tailgating and piggybacking attempts and can be integrated into any access control system.

This mantrap security door is ideal for applications such as Financial Instituitions, Commercial Buildings, Airports, Government, Critical Infrastructure and Casinos and can be used as an external entrance door.

The Record R62 Security portal has a flow-rate of 4-6 people per minute.

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The record R 62 Security Portal with access control

About the Record R62 Security Portal

The Record R62 Security Portal can be integrated with a RFID reader, fingerprint, vein or iris scanner or face recogition to identify and authenticate users. 

This mantrap security door can also be used in conjunction with a smart device, such as i-record, for quick and easy door-commissioning and trouble-shooting. 

The Record R62 Security Portal is available in 3 fixed diameters, with a standard mantrap security door has a clear passage width starting at 600 mm.

Security Levels - Record R62 Security Portal

This 1-wing mantrap security door offers three different security levels to suit all requirements.

High: Access only via access control system + time-of-flight 3D camera for monitoring tailgating and piggybacking attempts.

Medium: Access only via access control system + contact mat+ presence sensors

Low: Access only via control system + presence sensors

How the record R 62 Security Portal creates a mantrap

The record R 62 Security Portal as a exterior entrance door

Benefits for the Record R62 Security Portal

  • Security portal with throughput of 4-6 people per minute
  • Can be used as a pure mantrap security door
  • Almost all access control systems can be integrated to prevent tailgating and piggybacking attempts
  • Quick return on investment by the redeployment of security staff
  • Stylish in design to suit the overall look of your building
  • For indoor and outdoor applications to suit your requirements
  • Can be connected to the Building Management System, if required. Remote control and access available via smart devices

Options for the Record R62 Security Portal

This mantrap security door system offers a versatile range of interfacing to allow the following options:

  • Flashing Light or Traffic Light Display
  • Voice module
  • Available in stainless steel, powder-coated aluminium or anodised aluminium
  • Wheelchair accessible versions are available 
  • Weather protection hood for outdoor applications

record R62 Security Portal with contact mat for increased security

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