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record CLEAN K3-A – automatic door with versatile core for hygienic environments

Hygienic Sliding Doors (K3-A model)

Where hermetic sealing is not required, doors can be supplied with a slightly modified door leaf. This model has an integrated guide frame which is available with various options and protective features. record's CLEAN range of automatic sliding doors are specially designed for hospitals and any other clean rooms with hygienic requirements such as in clinics, research and laboratory rooms, pharmaceutical production facilities, quarantine zones and the production of foodstuffs. These lightly closing sliding doors are manufactured in many materials including stainless steel providing easy cleaning, practical functionality as well as modern design and attractive finishes. 

record's CLEAN sliding door - many features and applications 

As with the other models a large range of materials are available for the record CLEAN K3-A door leaf core and it is available in many surface finishes making it suitable for a wide field of applications.


  • tight closing
  • hygiene friendly finishes and surfaces
  • noise dampening leaf core
  • radiation protection lead inserts available
  • water resistant materials for use in damp areas


  • available as a manual door
  • flush glazing in line with customer requirements
  • handles on both sides (stainless V2A)
  • recessed handles (to allow panels to slide parallel)
  • if required, door panels can also be finished in plastic of any colour, according to the décor and your taste.