Record DFA 127 Full Power Automatic Swing Door System

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Easily automate heavier swing doors … introducing the Record DFA 127 full power automatic swing door system

The Record DFA 127 Full Power Autotmatic Swing Door Operator offers a more powerful alternative to our tried and tested DFA 127. This swing door operator is capable of shifting doors that weigh hundreds of kilos with ease.

Sometimes when creating a grand entrance, much heavier or larger door leaves are required and for these projects this swing door operator offers the perfect solution.

 Its versatility means a range of door sizes from EN4 to EN6 can be used and it is ideal for providing an automatic opening in a wide range of environments including hospital wards, classrooms, corridors, office buildings and care homes.

Record DFA 127 Swing Door Broomielaw

Benefits of the Record DFA 127 Full Power Automatic Swing Door System

  • Moves heavier and larger door leaves
  • Automated door runs smoothly and economically
  • Practically silent in operation
  • Reliable and versatile with increased door safety
  • Wide range of options available to suit all needs
  • Aesthetically pleasing with minimal design
  • Easy access for wheelchair users
  • Opening sensors can be fitted in various locations

Benefits of the record DFA 127 Automatic Swing Door System

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