Automatic Revolving Door Range

Reduce Carbon Emissions with our range of impressive looking automatic revolving doors.

Automatic revolving glass doors create an aesthetically pleasing, impressive, welcoming entrance and are environmentally friendly as they help to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Studies have shown that standard swing doors can let up to eight times the amount of air into a building compared to an automatic revolving door, potentially causing ventilation issues.

Installing revolving doors can also help businesses save money by reducing heating costs, as they help keep the ambient temperature inside comfortable and prevent air pollution from entering the premises. An open, glass entrance helps reduce lighting costs by allowing natural light to flood in.

All Record automatic doors have unique door safety standards and can be used as emergency escape routes whilst also meeting accessibility standards to allow access to disabled visitors. 

Commercial Doors for all requirements

The number of door wings can be varied between 3 and 4, two models being available the 3-wing and 4-wing. Record revolving doors are ideal for office complexes, hotels, educational and leisure facilities and healthcare environments.

All our revolving automated entrance doors whether standard or full glass are perfectly suited to both commercial businesses and smaller buildings, being dependable while providing an energy-saving solution through thermal efficiency.

Record K32 ST Security Revolving Door Luxe Gym

Record K42 Revolving Door Buchanan Wharf outside view

How to choose and specify the right Automatic Revolving Door

Read our detailed article on how to choose the right automatic revolving door and what other design elements need to be considered.

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Ahead of the Curve

Sometimes a Revolving Door may not be the best solution for you. A Stunning entrance can also be created with our Curved doors, take a look at the article below to find out more.

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Videos about Automatic Revolving Doors

K32 Automatic Revolving Door

K42 Revolving Door Millenium Atria Tower

Case Studies

Discover how other buildings use energy efficient Automatic Revolving Doors in their design...

Stunning 4 wing automatic revolving doors at UCLan Student Centre
A welcoming entrance at CBRE with record automatic revolving doors

Door Design and Door Installation

Record is not only one of the top door manufacturer in the world, as we also install our doors, which can be:

  • Energy saving
  • Burglar resistant
  • Hygienic (vital for hospital doors and food production sites)
  • Configured to offer enhanced security / breach control

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Record K 32 Full Glass Automatic Revolving Door

We have a number of useful resources to give you advice or answer your automatic door questions...