Automatic Revolving Door Range

Reduce Carbon Emissions with our range of impressive looking automatic revolving doors.

Automatic revolving doors create an impressive, welcoming entrance and are environmentally friendly helping to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Studies have shown that standard swing doors can let up to eight times the amount of air into a building compared to an automatic revolving door.

Installing revolving doors can help businesses/building owners save money by reducing heating/lighting costs, keeping an ambient temperature inside at all times and preventing air pollution from entering premises.

All Record automatic revolving doors have unique safety standards and can be used as emergency escape routes. Available in 3 models, 2-wing, 3-wing and 4-wing, record revolving doors are ideal for office complexes, hotels, educational and leisure facilities and healthcare environments.

How to choose the right Automatic Revolving Door.

How to choose and specify the right Automatic Revolving Door

Our project specifications expert, James White has written a detailed article on how to choose the right automatic revolving door and what other design elements need to be considered.

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Ahead of the Curve

Sometimes a Revolving Door may not be the best solution for you. A Stunning entrance can also be created with our Curved doors, take a look at the article below from James White, our Specification Manager, to find out more.

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We offer specification and architect support services with this product...

record provide specification and architect support services across our range of automatic door systems.  Click here to visit our dedicated specification support page and to discuss your requirements and queries with our UK Automatic Door Specification Manager.