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Insulated Doors

The record THERMCORD system has been specially developed for automatic doors to reduce heat loss, minimise the transmission of bacteria from one environment to another and offer outstanding sound absorption.  THERMCORD3 also offers exceptional weather protection against hurricane storms and driving rain, whilst THERMCORD RC 2 /RC 3 offers burglar protection.

Thermally Insulated Doors

The new THERMCORD3 automatic door system provides an exceptional thermal barrier from top to bottom to reduce heating and air-conditioning costs.

It is also impervious to hurricane-force winds, protects from driving rain and storms and offers extraordinary noise reduction making it ideal for all types of applications including care homes, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, offices, public buildings, restaurants and leisure facilities.



Highlighting the main features and benefits of the revolutionary new THERMCORD3 Smart Sealing System.

record THERMCORD RC 2 / RC 3 is the ideal entrance door for your retail store, hotel or office building. You will receive effective burglar resistance in combination with efficient, energy-saving properties, which reduce your heating and air-conditioning costs.

The THERMCORD RC 2/RC 3 is particularly suitable for break-in protection since the door frames are designed to be extremely strong to ensure thermal separation. Two intertwined, V-shaped profiles ensure a level of sturdiness that provides immense resistance to attacks by burglars. Moreover, because these two V-profiles do not touch each other at any point inside the door, any heat exchange between the inside and outside of the door system is prevented.


record THERMCORD telescope is an automatic door system that has thermally separated door profiles with heat insulating properties. The ift Rosenheim determined an achievable heat transmission coefficient (UD) of 1.4 W / m2 K featuring approved insulating glazing. In conjunction with matching insulating glazing and corresponding side panels, the THERMCORD telescope is primarily used as an external door in areas where – even temporarily – there is a high temperature gradient and the space conditions are not optimal.

The THERMCORD telescope is the first telescopic sliding door with thermally insulated profiles that can hardly be distinguished from standard profiles in size. Its filigree construction makes it possible to combine architectural wishes with energy requirements, even in tight spaces.



The record THERMCORD+ profile system, has a striking range of features designed to reduce climate control costs, by using active seals. 

Pressure differences between the inside and outside of large buildings are common, and inevitably lead to considerable suction, allowing cold, heat and dust to get in, but also cooled or heated air to escape in an uncontrolled manner. 

With the door closed, the active sealing system patented by record stops all suction, and achieves air permeability values which, for sliding doors, are exceeded only by special products for use in operating theaters or clean rooms.

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The record THERMCORD is an automatic door system that has thermally separated door profiles with heat insulating properties. The ift Rosenheim determined an achievable heat transmission coefficient (UD) of 1.4 W / m2 K featuring approved insulating glazing. THERMCORD is employed as an inside or outside door in areas with, even temporarily, a high-temperature differential.

THERMCORD has been developed entirely in-house – from the original idea to market introduction. The in-house development has allowed us to focus on and implement specific features which are of particular importance to the use as a door system. Barely distinguishable except for its thermal performance, THERMCORD can be subtly incorporated into your global concept and is therefore perfectly suited to replace old installations and complete conventional door systems where a more temperature efficient solution desirable.