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Battery monitoring (BAT) for escape door systems

This battery monitoring system (BAT) is for use with escape door systems in the UK and Denmark. The BAT is fitted to the drive and monitors performance and power, and provides an alert to under performance or power failure.


The record THERMCORD  is an automatic door system that has thermally separated door profiles with heat insulating properties. The ift Rosenheim determined an achievable heat transmission coefficient (UD) of 1.4 W / m2 K featuring approved insulating glazing. THERMCORD is employed as an inside or outside door in areas with, even temporarily, a high temperature differential.


record THERMCORD+  automatic sliding doors with integral thermal insulation

The record THERMCORD profile system, with its striking range of features designed to reduce climate control costs, was introduced for the first time in 2012. The THERMCORD+  continues to apply this idea by using active seals.