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record THERMCORD+ – Heat saving with additional sealing system

The record THERMCORD+ profile system, has a striking range of features designed to reduce climate control costs, by using active seals. 

Pressure differences between the inside and outside of large buildings are common, and inevitably lead to considerable suction, allowing cold, heat and dust to get in, but also cooled or heated air to escape in an uncontrolled manner. 

With the door closed, the active sealing system patented by record stops all suction, and achieves air permeability values which, for sliding doors, are exceeded only by special products for use in operating theaters or clean rooms.

While the main and secondary closing edges are equipped with conventional sealing systems, the sides at the top and bottom feature newly developed so-called active seals. Active seals make it possible for the door to open with no resistance to disturb the smooth running.

At the end of the closing process, a carefully designed mechanism presses the sealing profile, which is located in the bottom edge of the door, to the floor. In addition, an integral sealing lip descends at the door upper edge along the full width to close the remaining gap between the door leaf and the drive housing. The THERMCORD+ is ideal for use where there are high-temperature gradients between two areas or zones.




  • specially designed sealing mechanism provides a seal at the floor and top edge of the door
  • no loss of fluidity of door movement
  • can be used as both inside and outside doors


  • prevents suction effects from drawing in cold or hot air from outside
  • significantly reduces energy loss when the door is shut
  • normal operation of door profile and system


  • active seals can be retrofitted to all automatic door systems with THERMCORD profiles already installed. With relatively little effort, the result is a fully functional record THERMCORD+.