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record CLEAN K1-A – Hermetic sealing sliding door for clean environments

record's CLEAN K1-A is a single leaf sliding door, which is easy to clean and can meet a range of requirements including:

  1. the large range of materials available as inserts for the door leaf core
  2. the range of surface finishes available 
  3. the wide range of design for the door frames and sealing system 
  4. the ability to adapt the door with hermetic sealing capability 

Doors with a hermetic sealing capability are used in operating theatres and other environments with clean room requirements for a high level of hygiene. Hermetic sealing prevents or minimises air flow and hence the transmission of bacteria or particles via air flow. In environments such as clinics, research and laboratory rooms, pharmaceutical production facilities, quarantine zones and clean rooms for the production of foodstuffs, this door provides hermetic closing and an easily cleanable surface. 

These sliding doors can be manufactured completely from stainless steel to provide modern design as well as practical functionality. 

Manual 1-leaf hermetic door record CLEAN K1 Two-leaves hermetic door record CLEAN K2-A

The basic model of the CLEAN sliding door, can be adapted for special requirements. The door finish, the design of the door frame and sealing system, and the door cores can all be adapted to suit individual requirements and particular environments. 

Protection against X-rays and gamma rays can be provided with the addition of a full-surface lead insert in the door leaf, in the inside of the frame profiles as well as in the plinth itself. This radiation protection is available in lead equivalents of 0.5 mm increments. The door is available as a single or double leaf sliding model.





  • single sliding door leaf
  • hygiene friendly finishes and surfaces
  • noise dampening leaf core
  • water resistant materials for use in damp areas
  • door core can be adapted for specialist requirements 


  • adaptions can be made to door core to meet additional requirements
  • adaptions to the frame design can deliver hermetic sealing capability
  • hermetically tight closing with sealing levels up to 100 Pa
  • all adaptions certified to required standards




  • radiation protection lead core 
  • smoke and fire protection core
  • available as a manual door
  • flush glazing in line with customer requirements
  • handles on both sides (stainless V2A)
  • recessed handles (to allow panels to slide parallel)
  • if required, door panels can also be finished in plastic of any colour.