Case Studies – Making an entrance at the Tevir Centre - Hospice Isle of Man

The Tevir Centre, Hospice Isle of Man has actively supported patients, their families and carers over the last 35 years. It has recently undergone a major refurbishment to enhance the services and care it provides by improving the physical environment to give greater independence, privacy and dignity to all its patients.

The Brief

To replace the existing swing doors with an aesthetic, flexible entrance solution that meets the varying needs of the hospice and is safer to use in the adverse windy conditions the island is accustomed to.

The Solution

record's K22 2-wing revolving door with an integral STA 20 sliding door was chosen and installed by record, in conjunction with Cornerstone Architects and Caines Bros, both of whom are based on the island.  With an attractive compact canopy and curved radial glass panels to create a stylish, modern look, the K22 provides the hospice with the flexibility to alternate between revolving and sliding door modes to suit the time of day, weather conditions and expected traffic flows i.e.visiting hours.

When used as a revolving door, the K22's spacious compartments enables unimpeded access for all patients including wheelchair users, and visitors whilst ensuring the interior temperature of the reception area remains pleasant and prevents drafts, dirt and dust from entering, helping to reduce energy costs too. When transferring patients, hospital beds and receiving deliveries, the hospice staff can park the revolver and use the bi-parting sliding door for safety and ease.

Extremely quiet in operation, the K22 helps shields the hospice from high winds, to provide a much safer, welcoming, and easier to use entrance than the swing doors it replaced.

Kris Killip, Contracts Manager from Caines Bros commented "We worked in conjunction with record uk and Cornerstone Architects on the recent redevelopment of the Tevir Centre, where record uk manufactured, supplied and installed their K22 2-wing automatic revolving door.  The revolving door not only creates an inviting and spacious entrance capable of accommodating the needs of the centre but offers an effective climate control solution too".

Kris added, "We would highly recommend record uk for any entrance solution and would not hesitate to work with them again in the future". 

See how to change the revolving door to a bi-parting sliding door, as the switch of a button...

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