Case Studies – All Glass K32 Revolving Door at Rutherford House

Rutherford House is an imposing 58,000 sq ft office building located within the heart of Birchwood Park, Warrington, providing superior office space to rent for small, medium and large businesses employing up to 100 people. Consisting of two wings of three and five floors, the building has excellent natural lighting and is conveniently located for travel across the region. 

Recently refurbished to a high standard, the office complex now boasts a full-height glass atrium and spacious reception area. To achieve this record was chosen to remove the existing bi-parting sliding doors and replace them with a K32 Full Glass Revolving Door, pass door with a DFA 127 Swing Operator, full screen and linear framework.

The K32 Full Glass Revolving Door, with the drive motor under the floor, provides a striking and welcoming entrance that complements the surrounding glass facade and allows natural light to flood into the building. With large, spacious compartments, the K31 can accommodate the constant flow of building occupants, ensuring they can safely and comfortably enter and exit the building at all times, whilst maintaining an airlock into the reception to create an ambient temperature and help reduce heating costs.

To complement the record K32, a pass door with a record DFA 127 Swing Operator, which is silent in operation, has been installed to enable a wider opening, for wheelchair users and deliveries of large bulky items as and when required.


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