K32/K42 Full Glass Revolving Doors

K32/K41 Full Glass Revolving Doors allow architects and specifiers the freedom to create unique, striking glass openings which integrate with and complement, frameless glass assemblies.

Developed in response to popular demand, record's fully frameless all-glass 3 or 4 wing revolving doors are designed to be self-supporting, with the glass roof structurally glazed to the glass sidewalls, whilst still accommodating the dynamic loads of the rotating carousel.

With an under-ground drive mechanism to create a minimal canopy for aesthetics and when height is limited, full glass revolving doors create light, elegant door entrances which can be up to 4000mm high to enhance the wow factor of any building, making them ideal for offices, healthcare, leisure and hospitality sectors, in particular.


K32/K42 Full Glass Revolving Doors
K32/K42 Full Glass Revolving Doors


  • wide range of colours and glass options
  • highly engineered and reliable drive components
  • controllable speed to meet customer needs
  • available as manual or automatic doors


  • create bespoke architectural entrances
  • enhances light in lobbies and atriums
  • quiet in operation 
  • maintains an airlock into the foyer to reduce heat loss,
       draughts and dust from entering 
  • accommodates the passage of large and bulky items
  • speed can be controlled for less able customers