record C 127 – concealed underfloor drive for automatic swing doors

The C 127 is a concealed underfloor drive for automatic swing doors which utilises the trusted DFA 127 Core Drive system which is itself extremely quiet in operation. The
C 127 underfloor installation option reduces noise levels to the point of providing near silent operation.

record's experience, expertise and reliable technology have been combined in the development of this drive to produce a hard-working, robust, efficient and reliable product. Despite being extremely quiet the operator has a high level of momentum which allows even heavy doors weighing up to 400 kg to be easily operated

record C 127 – concealed underfloor drive for automatic swing doors
record C 127 – concealed underfloor drive for automatic swing doors record C 127 – concealed underfloor drive for automatic swing doors

The concealed drive also provides the architect with design flexibility. The easy-care system is sunk into the ground and, if necessary, can be concealed underneath the floor covering to blend harmoniously with the entrance area.

The door leaf is driven by means of a lever arm, either directly, in which case the lever arm may simultaneously function as a lower door mounting, or with the aid of a sliding arm, as is required in the case of doors already hinged. The flexibility of the C127 in being able to be adapted to an existing door as well as used in a bespoke new entrance means it can be used for the most diverse applications.





  • strong mechanical gearing
  • operating modes can easily be selected by our an electronic BDE-D operating unit 
  • the back-lit display informs you about the current operating status of the door at any time in the language of the country in plain text
  • a range of co-ordinating sensors and matching accessories manufactured to the same high degree of reliability and safety are available
  • the drive housing being of Protection Class IP67 standard, ensures suitability for almost limitless everyday application




  • ideal for automatic arch doors
  • the underfloor drive unit is placed in its own housing protected from mechanical influences, dirt or moisture, giving trouble free, long term operation
  • prestigious and minimalistic aesthetics entrance as the automatic operator is concealed under the floor
  • vandal resistant as all of the important control and mechanics are concealed


  • the underfloor drive is suitable for single or double-leaf framed glass doors or all-glass doors
  • fully automated or low energy function
  • aluminium, glass, steel and wooden doors available
  • a range of covers to complement the existing flooring