Record VRR 20 Built in Motorised Locking System


The Record VRR Built-in Motorised Locking System can be used on any system 20 door including, slidingbi-folding and telescopic doors, offering protection against burglars and intruders.

The VRR 20 is quick and easy to install and is ideal for quieter areas as there is no banging or clanging when the lock is triggered.

Complete with a monitored sensing of locked and unlocked status, and a smart battery hibernation for access during a power failure, the VRR also has an optional access control surveillance, if required.

Enhanced Security Options

The record VRR model is designed to provide protection against intrusion at a basic level, and prevents opportunistic thieves from breaking and entering. For enhanced burglar protection, however, record MPV multi-point locking upgrades our reinforced burglar-resistant doors to RC 2 level, and is also available as an option.

Record VRR 20 Built in Motorised Locking System

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