Record UK Automatic Doors - Who are we?

We manufacture, supply and install industry leading pedestrian automatic doors and entrance solutions. We also offer tailored maintenance programmes to manage your assets. In addition, we are known for:

  • Being the trusted partner for many well-known commercial companies, retail giants and individual businesses. Our products grace the exteriors of many famous UK buildings, familiar high street banks and well-known brands, and are used by many local authorities, NHS Trusts, airports, hotels and other organisations.
  • Offering a wide range of solutions from impressive commercial façades, elegant entrances for retail premises, dedicated shop-fronts or simply a replacement sliding door including swing, revolving, sliding, folding and many more!
  • Installing sophisticated Security Entrance Control Solutions to provide authorised access and prevent intrusions such as piggybacking and tailgating.

  • We are widely trusted to supply the right automatic door solution when required, on time and most importantly, on budget whilst applying to the European standards for quality, safety & security.
  • Our 24/7 maintenance and servicing team understanding maintaining 'business as usual' is a priority for our customers offering quick and efficient repairs to our customers, no matter what time of day the need arises.

Record curved sliding door hotel

Record Vision Edge Speed Gate

Automatic door servicing EPC 903

In-house Manufacturing

Many of our automatic door solutions are manufactured in our 30,000 square foot facility in Scotland, where we can ensure first hand we are providing industry leading quality with fast delivery times, to meet any demands. We have various hubs around the UK in Yorkshire, Hertfordshire, Hampshire and the West Midlands meaning we are never far from one of our customers.

Our new CNC machine has allowed us to be more efficient, increase machine capability through production and reduce cycle time, without compromising the quality of our entrance solutions. We also have an inhouse paint machine which allows over 200 RAL colours to be applied to your doors, meaning they will fit both your brand and your surrounding building perfectly.

By deploying the '5 S' strategy throughout our factory we have increased our efficiency substantially, with our factory workers being able to work in an environment that is well organised, has a high level of cleanliness and has minimised machine downtime. This all ensures your doors can be finished on time, and delivered quickly.

Record Hamilton Factory Saw Machine

Record CNC Machine Hamilton Factory

Record Paint Line Hamilton Factory

Innovation and Design

Practicality is not the only important feature of our automatic doors, impressing guests with a grand and spectacular entrance is every bit as crucial. Swapping a standard sliding door for one of our CURVED doors for example, can completely transform a facade, featuring stunning glass that plays with sunlight.

For entrances where a minimal, sleek design is required we have a number of in-ground operators that create an impression of a driver-less door, all provided without compromising strength and operational efficiency. 

Still not sure which door your next stunning entrance needs? The innovation with our doors is endless, and our Specification Expert is on hand to give you all the advice you need when choosing the right door.

Service and Maintenance

Your automatic door is just a door, right? That is, until it goes wrong! Our Service team help keep your people and business safe and secure.

Our team of over 90 engineers nationwide, provide 24/7 support to our customers across all regions of mainland UK and are within easy reach of our network of support hubs. This, combined with the extensive range of common parts carried on our engineers vans, means we achieve high first-visit fix rates and return doors to operation quickly and efficiently.

Whether you have one door or multiple sites, our range of contracts are structured to offer you the level of service and support to suit your budget. Whether you choose from Standard, Proactive or Full Care our packages will help you save money and offer you long-term peace of mind.  

Watch Our Product Timeline Video!

Here at Record the design and installation of our entrance solutions is an efficient and smooth running process.

Take a look at our product timeline video showing you the steps we will take you through when installing one of our many products.

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