Record FlipFlow WIDE – Exit Lane Breach Control System

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The Record FlipFlow WIDE Exit Lane  provides the highest level of security through a much glass tunnel with sensors providing one-way traffic security system delivers a high volume throughput without jeopardizing controlled access.

This one-way exit lane offers the highest security level by utilising a series of infrared sensors in combination with volumetric detection to prevent unauthorized access.

 For applications such as airports requiring an extremely high volume of throughput, these multiple units can be placed side by side to handle peak pedestrian flow. 

Perfect for airports after baggage claim/exiting customs where a large number of pedestrians can be exiting at any one time.

Record flipflow triple airport

Features & Benefits of the Record FlipFlow WIDE Exit Lane

  • High pedestrian throughput with 3 lanes
  • Advanced detection and control technology
  • Provides security and safety in a practical, modular construction
  • Compact and transparent design 
  • Easily accessible for individuals with disabilities
  • Ensures efficient flow of pedestrians
  • Effective barrier to separate secure and non-secure areas
  • Allows the reallocation of security staff

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