Your shop front says a lot about your business.  record uk can provide an updated, professional and modern image by offering a wide range of shopfront designs manufactured from either durable aluminium, glass  or steel .  Entrance doors options  include swing, sliding or bi-folding doors and all can be manufactured to provide automatic or manual opening.  All shop fronts and doors are manufactured to the highest standard and to each customer’s required sizes and specification. Whatever you choose you can be sure of a reliable, quality product.

record Shop front

A good first impression goes a long way to establishing a business as trustworthy, professional and one you can have confidence in. A high quality, well-designed shop front will always say a lot about your business and brand. record uk has manufactured and fitted shop fronts for many well-known brands so no matter what your needs record uk has the experience and expertise you can rely on.

record uk offers a wide range of shop fronts manufactured from either aluminium, toughened glass (frameless) or steel. Glass can be double glazed or single glazed with or with additional features.  Various types of entrance doors are available including swing, sliding or bi-folding doors and all can be manufactured to provide an automatic or manual opening.  All shop fronts and doors are manufactured to each customer’s required sizes and specification.



automatic sliding door record

The record THERMCORD is an automatic door system that has thermally separated door profiles with heat insulating properties. The ift Rosenheim determined an achievable heat transmission coefficient (UD) of 1.4 W / m2 K featuring approved insulating glazing. THERMCORD is employed as an inside or outside door in areas with, even temporarily, a high-temperature differential.

THERMCORD has been developed entirely in-house – from the original idea to market introduction. The in-house development has allowed us to focus on and implement specific features which are of particular importance to the use as a door system. Barely distinguishable except for its thermal performance, THERMCORD can be subtly incorporated into your global concept and is therefore perfectly suited to replace old installations and complete conventional door systems where a more temperature efficient solution desirable.

Specialist Manual Doors

Where automation is not required, a manual door is a traditional solution which is tried and tested and will give long, reliable, virtually maintenance free service. record uk manufactures, supplies and fits a range of quality aluminium, steel or toughened glass frameless manual doors. They can be double or single glazed with a range of additional features. All record’s manual doors are manufactured in our 30,000 sq. foot premises at our headquarters in Blantyre to the highest quality and to your specification.

record uk’s manual doors come in a range of options including swing, emergency breakout and folding. All doors are manufactured to each customer’s required sizes and specification.