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record Specialist & Bespoke Entrances – Special requirement and bespoke door entrance solutions

Specialist Products

Where the requirements for a bespoke entrance solution are outside the norm our Blasi specialist brand can help. Whether you are looking for a more dramatic and distinctive solution, a one off never-seen-before door or even a smaller scale but more contemporary ‘frameless look’ record can manufacture, install and maintain these special entrance solutions. We can offer entrance solutions for any curve, incline, slope or custom-built design.

  • Debis Systemhaus in Berlin. This is an automatic all-glass bi-parting drum sliding door with a concealed underfloor drive.

  • These large swing doors in the  Apple shop front on Regent's Street in London were maunufactured and installed by record uk.

  • record uk's inclined sliding doors create a dramatic and impressive entrance at this transport terminal

Innovation and Design – Bespoke Entrance Solutions

Our success over the years has been achieved through our ability to understand the specific requirements every client requires from its door system. By understanding the client’s needs and using the advanced design and innovation of our products, record delivers the solution that exclusively fits the client’s specification.

We have the experience and expertise to know what works in any space and can advise you on curved and winged solutions, inclined and sloping solutions, toughened glass assemblies, or other requirements such as sound proofing, fire proofing, ballistic proofing, or hermetic sealing in hygiene or sound critical environments. Drive systems can be integrated so the opening appears seamless and safety features can be enhanced with motorised locking on all sides if required.

In addition, using various thicknesses of tempered glass clamped together with specialist fittings, record can offer almost any configuration of glass walls and entrance doors. This application is especially useful in listed buildings where minimum framework is required, creating a minimalistic and elegant entrance solution.

Design feature options

  • inclined and sloping entrances
  • over sized doors
  • curved surfaces
  • curved and winged entrances
  • multi entrance solutions
  • burglar resistant
  • curtain walling
  • ballistic resistant
  • sound proof
  • hermetic sealing
  • flush fittings
  • concealed drive operators
  • miscellaneous shapes
  • distinctive and one-off glazing