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record SAFECORD 20 RC 2 – burglar resistant sliding door

The record SAFECORD RC 2 is designed for users who have above-average burglary protection requirements, but appreciate the convenient operation of a standard automatic sliding door. The sum of the measures taken to strengthen the door and deter burglars provides sufficient resistance to force them to give up their attempt to break in, or stop them long enough to enable security forces to intervene before access is gained. While the record SAFECORD RC 2 denies access to burglars, it opens equally reliably in the opposite direction.

Automatic linear sliding door with RC 2 burglar protection

After passing the relevant tests in June 2013, the record SAFECORD was certified RC 2 burglar-resistant, in line with EN 1627:2011 norms and standards. The outstanding feature of this model is the complete integration of all security-enhancing modifications, so that outwardly the door appears unchanged, but remains straightforward and convenient to operate. To fully lock the installation, just press a button on the record BDE-D remote control display, supplied as standard.The drive and control units are also supplied as standard.

The record SAFECORD RC 2 has been developed with a range of measures aimed at providing strength to the door construction in all critical areas in order to provide burglary protection. These measures include special projectile-resistant glass and designing structural reinforcements on side screens, door leaves and closing edges. By using P5A laminated glass, which corresponds to a higher resistance classification, the record SAFECORD RC 2 exceeds the minimum requirements for this category of door providing a comfortable safety margin. This has also contributed significantly to the stability and robustness of the door system overall.


  • P5A laminated safety glass in line with EN 356 norms and standards
  • modified running gear protected against lifting
  • structural reinforcements on side screens, door leaves and closing edges
  • MPV multi-point locking
  • floor rails made of stainless steel
  • continuous floor guide
  • BDE-D remote opening and closing


  • safety glass with additional strength provides more resistence to breaking
  • guide rails and running gear designed to prevent door leaving track
  • robust and strong enough to provide resistance to opportunistic burglars and resist damage which would allow a breach of the doorway
  • no visible locking mechanism