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Transport and Aviation

record deliver innovative and secure entrance solutions which are deployed in many airports and transportation hubs across the world. The versatile FlipFlow breach control systems with intelligent monitoring keeps feet falling where you want them to go whilst keeping everyone moving in the right direction.

The record FlipFlow provides a high level of security for a wide range of applications. The user friendly, one-way traffic, security system delivers a high volume throughput, without jeopardizing controlled access.

The R 62 security interlock control system provides for the separation of pedestrian traffic using sensors and triggers which operate the exit path only when the required parameters are met. The system can be set to implement a range of security levels which allow passage only when pre-defined conditions are satisfied. These measures prevent so-called tailgating and piggybacking behaviours.

The interplay between the cutting edge technology of the R 62 security interlock and our proven engineering techniques enables safe, secure access control for vulnerable and specially protected areas such as can be found in banks, airports and other sensitive applications.

The Protect EXV 25 Bomb Blast Resistant Doors are security enhanced single or double doorsets, surface fitted, with or without side panels, which are manufactured to strike a balance between easy public access and the high levels of security required in high-risk areas.

All security sensitive locations could benefit from the Bomb Blast Resistant automatic door solution. One of the primary objectives was to develop a solution which maintained the appearance and operating characteristics of the doors so that they would be relatively inconspicuous and therefore be acceptable for wider applications in the public environment.

The well-proven double and single-leaf classic sliding doors from record are at the very centre of the product range, and are suitable for almost any application. The modular drive and profile systems guarantee reliable and low-noise operation over long periods.

The perfectly designed doors with their elegant appearance can be expanded according to customer requirements with regard to security, performance and convenience. Depending on the requirements, narrow, standard or robust glass profiles are used for the glass doors, and all models can be equipped with escape route safety systems.

The record K31 is a 3-wing automatic or manual revolving door which is available in various design options. The record K 31 3-wing revolving door is available with optional central showcase (for diameters of 3,100 mm and up), night shutter and escape and rescue route function. You can choose between the tried-and-tested ceiling-fitted drive, and the invisible underfloor drive, finished in or anodised in any colour, or the all-glass model for a modern minimalist look.