Transport and Aviation

record deliver innovative and secure entrance solutions which are deployed in many airports and transportation hubs across the world. The versatile FlipFlow breach control systems with intelligent monitoring keeps feet falling where you want them to go whilst keeping everyone moving in the right direction.


When security is a high priority or when the flow of people needs to be controlled in a one-way direction record offers several products depending on the level of security and control required. Higher levels of security can be achieved by utilising a series of infrared sensors and triggers in combination with volumetric detection to prevent unauthorised access. The sensor system can also scan the interior of the door system to detect the presence of objects left in or passed through the corridor. 

record FlipFlow Exit Lane Breach Control System is used in airports worldwide, and is a cost-efficient solution that significantly improves security, eliminates human error and enables airports to reduce costs by re-deploying security staff. For applications requiring an extremely high volume of throughput, multiple units can be placed side by side to handle peak pedestrian flow. 


record Speedgate seamless and fluid barriers are ideal for indoor use, in low to medium secure buildings which experience high volumes of traffic that need to be controlled and regulated. 

Ideal for sites where space is limited but aesthetics are still a must, record Speedgates offer a fast and steady flow of between 25-30 people per minute at without compromising security.

Quiet and smooth in operation, record Speedgates are suitable for use in reception areas in Leisure, Government, Finance, Banking, Retail, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Publishing and Education facilities.

Revolving Doors

record automatic revolving doors all carry official TÜV certification. All doors can also be used as emergency escape routes, and work as additional escape support and are available in 3 models, a two-wing model, a three-wing model, and a four-wing model

All models have unique safety standards, thanks to their radial sliding leaves. The canopy structures can be made of steel with thermal insulation and clad in aluminum plates along the pelmet and closed with standard dust cover. 

Standard Sliding Doors

When style and first impressions count as well as reliability and functionality, record has the right autoamtic sliding door entrance for any requirement. The most striking feature of the record sliding door is the smoothness of operation, which is the result of our precision engineering and the matching of materials allowing all door movements to work harmoniously together. The record sliding door comes in many variations and is an extremely versatile and dependable product. The drive operator (S 16 SU) can also be concealed below the flooring for an extra streamlined appearance.

record PROTECT EXV 25 Bomb Blast Resistant Sliding Door

The record PROTECT EXV 25 Bomb Blast Resistant Sliding Doors are security enhanced single or double doorsets, surface fitted, with or without side panels, which are manufactured to strike a balance between easy public access and the high levels of security required in high-risk areas.

All security sensitive locations could benefit from the Bomb Blast Resistant automatic door solution. One of the primary objectives was to develop a solution which maintained the appearance and operating characteristics of the doors so that they would be relatively inconspicuous and therefore be acceptable for wider applications in the public environment.

record R 62

The R 62 security interlock control system provides for the separation of pedestrian traffic using sensors and triggers which operate the exit path only when the required parameters are met. The system can be set to implement a range of security levels which allow passage only when pre-defined conditions are satisfied. These measures prevent so-called tailgating and piggybacking behaviours.

The interplay between the cutting edge technology of the R 62 security interlock and our proven engineering techniques enables safe, secure access control for vulnerable and specially protected areas such as can be found in banks, airports and other sensitive applications.