Planet Finger Guard for Swing Doors

Swing doors can become a potentially hazardous trap if they are closed carelessly or in a hurry. Professional finger protection helps to prevent injuries and accidents that can have severe consequences.

For swing door, these finger guards remove the possibility for injury by creating a barrier across the seam of the door, ensuring people's fingers cannot get trapped when the door closes.

This is especially suited to areas where children visit such as schools, nurseries and public buildings.

It takes just one of our engineers to fit the system quickly and easily, thanks to their specially developed hook and unhook system.

Record Finger Guard for swing doors

Benefits of Record Finger Guards

The Planet finger protection is a quick to install, reliable and appealing solution:

  • Suitable for new doors and for retrofitting
  • Extremely quick and easy installation with the hook and unhook system
  • Different colour variations for subtle integration into the interior design
  • Meets all required safety standards

Record Finger guard nursery

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