Secure Remote Locking for Automatic Sliding Doors

Our STA 20 secure remote locking system allows users to change the doors mode quickly and easily via a remote control, for increased security.

The door can be programmed to operate in various modes including one-way or locked to ensure intruders cannot enter the premises when employees need access to the building.

This remote locking system also features an alarm to alert staff if an intrusion is made, giving them peace of mind that they can work safely even when security staff are not on site.

STA 20 automatic sliding door secure remote locking

STA 20 automatic sliding door secure remote locking close up

Ideal for Stores...

  • With one automatic door which needs to be remotely controlled, especially in high-risk areas
  • Requiring a security siren to warn staff when a person is approaching
  • Where a locked or one-way mode operation allows safe assessment of entry and/or egress via a fob
  • When evening staff require higher security, in the absence of a security guard
  • Looking to monitor people flow and limit the number of customers, when required

How does it work?

The system can be programmed and set by either a security guard or by staff on duty.

An external sounder is triggered via a motion sensor, when someone is approaching, enabling store colleagues to assess safely whether entry is permitted.

The electric lock can be set via the following to suit location and requirements:

  • Locked: Entrance and exit via the fob
  • One-Way: Entrance via the fob and exit via the existing internal sensor

STA 20 automatic sliding door secure remote locking keys

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